Gluten Free Rotisserie Turkey Pasta Salad : perfect for bridal showers

I made this dish last night using leftover turkey salad I had made the day before. It was a huge hit and my 6 year old daughter asked to bring some for her school lunch today. It would be a great salad to serve at a bridal shower brunch.

- store bought rotisserie turkey breast
- celery sticks
- ground thyme
- salt
- mayo
- ranch dressing
- spiral noodles

I don't have exact measurements for this as I did everything to taste. We had one night of dinner with the turkey and then I made turkey salad with the leftovers the next day. Simply cook up gluten free brown rice spiral noodles {can use regular pasta too}, combine with finely chopped turkey, celery, ground thyme, dash of salt, mayo and a bit of ranch dressing. You now have a yummy dinner - I served mine with these honey cornbread muffins, store bought cranberry jell on the side and green beans.

Top 5 Reasons to Serve BBQ at Weddings

guest post with Goode Company Restaurants

With summer in full swing, engagement season is just around the corner – sending couples into full-on planning mode. Just one of the many loose ends the future bride and groom will need to tie up: finding a caterer. Houston-based Goode Company Restaurants offers catering services for special ceremonies of any size. While barbeque might not be the most traditional of choices for a wedding, here are the top 5 reasons more couples are swapping lukewarm steak and bland potatoes for BBQ this year . . .

1. Cost effective: No matter the budget, BBQ is often one of the most affordable forms of catering out there.

2. Made to order: Have a picky eater in the family? No problem! There are countless options with the fully customized menu from Goode Company.

3. Customizable: BBQ can set the scene for a backyard wedding, or the most formal of receptions – choosing from options like backyard BBQ items with their famous brisket and homemade sausage links to prime rib and mesquite grilled tuna. No matter the décor, barbeque can be served in a variety of forms.

4. Easy to serve: From paper plates to fine china, Goode Company catering staff is on-site to serve guests, creating a fun and relaxing Texas-style atmosphere for all.

5. Pairs well: Only serving beer and wine? Full bar? Just about any cocktail compliments the savory flavors of our signature dishes.

Goode Company also offers a wedding planning service that includes consultations with the friendly Goode staff to ensure a stress-free day for the bride and groom. We would love to set up some time for you to speak with Goode Company President, Levi Goode, regarding the benefits of serving barbeque at weddings of any size or budget.

Summertime Spinach Salad with cheese and fresh fruit

For lunch today I was craving a strawberry and spinach salad so this is something that I created and it was super yummy. It would be a wonderful salad to serve at a bridal brunch too. I simply added in:

- spinach leaves
- cottage cheese
- cubed cheddar cheese
- fresh blueberries
- fresh sliced strawberries
- a bit of Italian dressing

Balsamic vinaigrette would probably be delicious too, but I didn't have any on hand today. Will likely try it the next time though as I will definitely be making this again :)

4th of July Cocktails and Mocktails from Polar Seltzer

With Polar Seltzer’s limited edition summer flavors {Mint Mojito, Ginger Lemonade, Pinapple Passionfruit, Piña Colada, and Orange Mango}  you can make cocktails and mocktails that are delicious, and have no sodium, sugar, or calories. Below are three fun 4th of July cocktail/mocktail recipes that can easily be made using Polar, which retails at $1.19 per 1-liter bottle. I'm personally anxious to try the ice cream float one since I can't have a cocktail with a growing baby inside me :)

Lime Ricardo (a la Rickey)

The Gin Rickey was invented by Colonel Joe Rickey in 1883 at Shoomaker's in Washington D.C. when the Colonel added a lime to his drink. The name came when two local politicians saw this drink being made for Colonel Joe and wanted the same thing so they asked for the "Joe Rickey". It became a huge, nationwide hit throughout the early 1900's. July is now Rickey month in Washington D.C. and the drink has been declared the native cocktail of D.C.

2 parts Gin
1 part lime juice
Polar Mint Mojito Seltzer

Fill Collins glass with ice. Squeeze fresh lime over ice. Pour 2 parts gin, 1 part lime juice, top with Polar Mint Mojito seltzer. Garnish with lime wedge

Modern Mamie Taylor

Folklore has it that Mamie Taylor was invented in Rochester, NY, in 1899 for the opera star of the same name. Miss Taylor was out sailing on a hot summer day and needed a refreshing drink, the citrus garnish was her idea. It later became famous with politicians around Philadelphia in the early 1900's. Our version lightened the drink by swapping the ginger ale with one of our Limited edition Summer seltzer.

2 parts bourbon
.5 part lime juice
Polar Ginger Lemonade Seltzer
Lime wedge, garnish

Fill double old fashioned glass with ice. Squeeze .5 part fresh lime over ice. Pour 2 parts bourbon, top with Polar® Ginger Lemonade Seltzer

Red-White-Blue Ice Cream Float

The perfect updated dessert drink for kids of all ages, this version is bright and light. Enjoy experimenting with lots of different fruit jams and jellies.

Large dollop of strawberry jam (or muddled fresh strawberry sweetened with a tad of raw sugar)
2 Scoops of natural vanilla ice cream
Polar® Pineapple Passionfruit Seltzer
Blue straw

Add the jam to the bottom of a tall glass, then the ice cream. Top with seltzer, taking time to let the foam rise.

5 Wedding Cocktails from Top Mixologists on BHLDN

I think you are going to love this. BHLDN has teamed up with the country’s top mixologist’s to create five exclusive, mouthwatering cocktails to sip sip and say “ahh.” From Death & Co. in NYC down to Cure in NOLA and across to Pharmacie in LA.

The featured cocktails are perfect for serving guests as they enter your event or as easy selections at the bar. They can even be downloaded onto recipe cards {as seen in the sample above}.

Gluten Free Apple Raisin Muffins Recipe

I'd say it's time to start sharing some recipes again in the edibles section of the blog :) Today's recipe is adapted from Pam of Weddings Are Fun. She recently sent along a recipe that included ginger in it for when I wasn't feeling well in my pregnancy and I was able to make these this past weekend. I adapted them to be gluten free and sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on them before baking them.

Serves: 12

- 1 3/4 cup gluten free flour of your choice
- 2 tsp. baking powder
- 3/4 tsp. cinnamon
- 1/4 tsp. ginger
- 1 egg, beaten
- 3/4 cup apple sauce
- 1/2 cup honey or agave nectar
- 1/3 cup canola oil
- 1/4 cup apple juice {I didn't have any apple juice on hand so I used white grape juice}
- 1/2 cup raisins (optional)

1. Stir together flour, baking powder, cinnamon and ginger.
2. Combine egg, apple sauce, honey, oil and fruit juice.
3. Add to flour mixture. Stir just until flour is moistened. The batter should be lumpy. Fold in raisins.
4. Fill 12 greased muffin cups 2/3 full.
5. Bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until lightly browned.

Domaine du Tariquet Classic : an ideal summer wedding wine

Domaine du Tariquet Classic gives you the best of what is possible – without skimping on quality or blowing your budget. This dry French wine is a classy, crowd-pleaser bursting with refreshing citrus flavor and is only $9 a bottle. It's an ideal summer wedding wine and the Tariquet Classic is lower in alcohol (11%) and pairs perfectly with seafood, chicken and other light summer fare.

Edible Eye Candy : v61 {strawberry doughnut cake, aka bundt cake}

Isn't this cake amazing?!?!?! It's actually a bundt cake made to look like a doughnut. I've got strawberries on my mind today as I'll be baking away in preparation for my daughter's 5th birthday party tomorrow which is Strawberry Shortcake themed. There will be 6 girls coming with their mothers or fathers and I'll be making cupcakes per my daughter's request. But, I sure wish I was making this cake - hmmmm, maybe for her actual birthday on Monday when my parents come over. It's so cute to not make at some point this weekend. This strawberry doughnut cake with recipe can be found on Raspberri Cupcakes - which has quickly become a new favorite baking blog of mine.