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Top 5 Reasons to Serve BBQ at Weddings

guest post with Goode Company Restaurants

With summer in full swing, engagement season is just around the corner – sending couples into full-on planning mode. Just one of the many loose ends the future bride and groom will need to tie up: finding a caterer. Houston-based Goode Company Restaurants offers catering services for special ceremonies of any size. While barbeque might not be the most traditional of choices for a wedding, here are the top 5 reasons more couples are swapping lukewarm steak and bland potatoes for BBQ this year . . .

1. Cost effective: No matter the budget, BBQ is often one of the most affordable forms of catering out there.

2. Made to order: Have a picky eater in the family? No problem! There are countless options with the fully customized menu from Goode Company.

3. Customizable: BBQ can set the scene for a backyard wedding, or the most formal of receptions – choosing from options like backyard BBQ items with their famous brisket and homemade sausage links to prime rib and mesquite grilled tuna. No matter the décor, barbeque can be served in a variety of forms.

4. Easy to serve: From paper plates to fine china, Goode Company catering staff is on-site to serve guests, creating a fun and relaxing Texas-style atmosphere for all.

5. Pairs well: Only serving beer and wine? Full bar? Just about any cocktail compliments the savory flavors of our signature dishes.

Goode Company also offers a wedding planning service that includes consultations with the friendly Goode staff to ensure a stress-free day for the bride and groom. We would love to set up some time for you to speak with Goode Company President, Levi Goode, regarding the benefits of serving barbeque at weddings of any size or budget.