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4th of July Cocktails and Mocktails from Polar Seltzer

With Polar Seltzer’s limited edition summer flavors {Mint Mojito, Ginger Lemonade, Pinapple Passionfruit, Piña Colada, and Orange Mango}  you can make cocktails and mocktails that are delicious, and have no sodium, sugar, or calories. Below are three fun 4th of July cocktail/mocktail recipes that can easily be made using Polar, which retails at $1.19 per 1-liter bottle. I'm personally anxious to try the ice cream float one since I can't have a cocktail with a growing baby inside me :)

Lime Ricardo (a la Rickey)

The Gin Rickey was invented by Colonel Joe Rickey in 1883 at Shoomaker's in Washington D.C. when the Colonel added a lime to his drink. The name came when two local politicians saw this drink being made for Colonel Joe and wanted the same thing so they asked for the "Joe Rickey". It became a huge, nationwide hit throughout the early 1900's. July is now Rickey month in Washington D.C. and the drink has been declared the native cocktail of D.C.

2 parts Gin
1 part lime juice
Polar Mint Mojito Seltzer

Fill Collins glass with ice. Squeeze fresh lime over ice. Pour 2 parts gin, 1 part lime juice, top with Polar Mint Mojito seltzer. Garnish with lime wedge

Modern Mamie Taylor

Folklore has it that Mamie Taylor was invented in Rochester, NY, in 1899 for the opera star of the same name. Miss Taylor was out sailing on a hot summer day and needed a refreshing drink, the citrus garnish was her idea. It later became famous with politicians around Philadelphia in the early 1900's. Our version lightened the drink by swapping the ginger ale with one of our Limited edition Summer seltzer.

2 parts bourbon
.5 part lime juice
Polar Ginger Lemonade Seltzer
Lime wedge, garnish

Fill double old fashioned glass with ice. Squeeze .5 part fresh lime over ice. Pour 2 parts bourbon, top with Polar® Ginger Lemonade Seltzer

Red-White-Blue Ice Cream Float

The perfect updated dessert drink for kids of all ages, this version is bright and light. Enjoy experimenting with lots of different fruit jams and jellies.

Large dollop of strawberry jam (or muddled fresh strawberry sweetened with a tad of raw sugar)
2 Scoops of natural vanilla ice cream
Polar® Pineapple Passionfruit Seltzer
Blue straw

Add the jam to the bottom of a tall glass, then the ice cream. Top with seltzer, taking time to let the foam rise.