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Gluten Free Rotisserie Turkey Pasta Salad : perfect for bridal showers

I made this dish last night using leftover turkey salad I had made the day before. It was a huge hit and my 6 year old daughter asked to bring some for her school lunch today. It would be a great salad to serve at a bridal shower brunch.

- store bought rotisserie turkey breast
- celery sticks
- ground thyme
- salt
- mayo
- ranch dressing
- spiral noodles

I don't have exact measurements for this as I did everything to taste. We had one night of dinner with the turkey and then I made turkey salad with the leftovers the next day. Simply cook up gluten free brown rice spiral noodles {can use regular pasta too}, combine with finely chopped turkey, celery, ground thyme, dash of salt, mayo and a bit of ranch dressing. You now have a yummy dinner - I served mine with these honey cornbread muffins, store bought cranberry jell on the side and green beans.