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Sweet Social Media Stats : Tally from May and Goals for June 2016

Last month I decided to start doing something totally new, something very real, and something that holds me accountable for the goals I set for myself. It received a great response, so it's going to continue and I hope you feel encouraged to set goals for yourself and your business as well. Feel free to leave a comment and share your goals or join me in my Facebook Group for Wedding Pros where I'll be posting and asking my members to join in the conversation.

Since June is now here it's time for me to tally all my social media following from May and see where I increased from the previous month. Since school is finishing up later this month for my oldest and her dance recital is this coming week, I'm going to only set 3 goals this month {instead of 5} as it's getting hectic. My goals are to keep increasing my following with my niche market and in return - increase sales and conversions. Because, our social media efforts should be resulting in rewards for our time, right?

Whether it's making connections, gaining new clients or growing our email list - we all need to have goals with our social media postings. What will your June social media goals be? continue reading to see how May ended up for me . . .

 How to continually increase your social following and sales month after month

So, here's my social media following numbers from May 1st to May 31st, 2016:

Pinterest: from 10,837 to 11,246 > gained 409 {62 more than last month}
Twitter: from 19,610 to 19,698 > gained 88 {41 more than last month}
Facebook: from 3,655 to 3,692 > gained 37 {17 more than last month}
Instagram: from 3,060 to 3,265 > gained 205 {85 more than last month}
Periscope: from 568 to 604 > gained 36 {14 more than last month}
Google+: from 603 to 606 > gained 3 {4 less than last month}

I had a gain across all social media channels except for Google+ and like last month - my biggest gains were with Pinterest and Instagram which are the ones I put the most focus on.

For May, these are the goals I set - let's see how I did . . .

1. Going to continue scheduling pins/re-pins {at least 10-20 per day} as Pinterest is my first/second source for referral traffic each day - alternating with Google.
I am happy to say I did amazing with this one as I LOVE Pinterest. Just last week alone I had 831 repins and that was with scheduling a few less pins due to a busy week outside of work.

2. Scheduling more tweets {with photos and hashtags} to bring traffic back to my blog
Wasn't horrible and wasn't that great at this. I didn't necessarily schedule a ton - but I definitely sent tweets out as I utilize SumoMe on my blog and at anytime I can go into my blog posts and send out a tweet with a photo on the go. LOVE doing this!

3. Scoping more as April was hard when I got sick {losing my voice and coughing aren't a good mix for scoping}. But, I did join in conversations on other scopes which helped me gain followers even though I wasn't scoping as I had planned.
I did not do well with this one as I didn't scope at all in May {still gained followers though}. Despite not scoping, you know what? I'm ok with that. I came to the realization that my focus needs to be in my facebook group for wedding pros and I've loved the opportunity to work one-on-one with many wedding pros this past month and have even re-written Instagram profiles to take their accounts from "ho-hum to oh wow" and they are gaining followers and growing each day as a result. Literally brings a smile to my face to see that. And, when scopes started getting as gimmicky as the next webinar pitch - I just said enough is enough. When someone was scoping "How 20 oz of water a day saved my business" that pretty much sealed the deal. It's too much for me right now. But, I have a plan in one of my goals for June so be sure to see below :)

4. They say every 5th post should be a promo one for Instagram - I don't even think I do every 10. So, I'm going to work on that and promote both my freebies and services I offer. If it's not shared - how will anyone know what we offer, right?
This one I did great on and my post yesterday afternoon was converting at only 23 likes. This made me smile as it proves that it's not all about the likes - but if you post something that attracts your audience to take action, you've struck gold!

5. Get my posts shared on Google+ the day they go up - hard to remember to add this to the mix, but it doesn't take long and does still help with ranking despite what some say.
Unfortunately, I did not do well on this one at all. Moving this one to June :)

So, here's my three social media goals that I plan to take on in June. Please share your goals for this month in the comments.

Whether it's 1 or 5 - I'd love to hear how you will be working with your social media accounts this month and we can hold each other accountable.

1. Going to continue scheduling pins/re-pins {at least 10-20 per day} and want to bring back some past top posts with pin-friendly graphics to bring new eyes to the posts.

2. Get my posts shared on Google+ the day they go up - moving this one to June and we'll see what happens.

3. Try Facebook Live - remember how I had an idea above since I haven't been scoping? Well, I'd love to give Facebook Live a try on either my business page or my facebook group. The reach when a video is shared on my business page is huge so I'd love to see what it can do for me when I'm sharing tips to my followers.

So, what will you be working on this month with social media? Please share in the comments. I want to be your personal cheerleader :)