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Sweet Social Media Stats Tally and Goals for May 2016

I decided to start doing something totally new, something very real, and something that holds me accountable for the goals I set for myself {and hopefully it will encourage you to set goals as well}.

It's now May which means it was time for me to tally all my social media following and see where I increased from the previous month. I also wanted to set 5 goals for myself to help continually increase my following {with targeted niche followers} and in return, help with sales. Because, after all - don't we want our social media efforts to bring us a reward for our time?

Whether it's making connections, gaining new clients or growing our email list - we all need to have goals with our social media postings.

So, here's my social media following numbers from March 31st to April 30th:

Pinterest: from 10,490 to 10,837 > gained 347
Twitter: from 19,563 to 19,610 > gained 47
Facebook: from 3,635 to 3,655 > gained 20
Instagram: from 2,940 to 3,060 > gained 120
Periscope: from 546 to 568 > gained 22
Google+: from 596 to 603 > gained 7

I had a gain across all social media channels which makes me super thrilled and the biggest gains were with Instagram and Pinterest. Those were the two social media platforms I focused the most on. The Pinterest growth was in part due to the launch of my Free Pinterest Planning Guide for Wedding Pros {along with a Pinterest Course that is finishing up the first round this week}. As a result of the course, I started scheduling pins with Tailwind and I'm not going to lie - that has been absolutely amazing - but more on that another time soon!!!}

So, here's my five social media goals that I plan to take on in May and please share your goals for this month in the comments.

Whether it's 1 or 5 - I'd love to hear how you will be working with your social media accounts this month and we can hold each other accountable.

1. Going to continue scheduling pins/re-pins {at least 10-20 per day} as Pinterest is my second source for referral traffic each day

2. Scheduling more tweets {with photos and hashtags} to bring traffic back to my blog

3. Scoping more as April was hard when I got sick {losing my voice and coughing aren't a good mix for scoping}. But, I did join in conversations on other scopes which helped me gain followers even though I wasn't scoping as I had planned.

4. They say every 5th post should be a promo one for Instagram - I don't even think I do every 10. So, I'm going to work on that and promote both my freebies and services I offer. If it's not shared - how will anyone know what we offer, right?

5. Get my posts shared on Google+ the day they go up - hard to remember to add this to the mix, but it doesn't take long and does still help with ranking despite what some say.

So, what will you be working on this month with social media? Please share in the comments.

PS: this post contains an referral link to Tailwind and when used - you will earn a free month of Tailwind Plus

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