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The Truth Behind Instagram Engagement and Hashtags

I'm sure you have heard by now that the new Instagram algorithm is in full swing now and our home feed is no longer chronological. Well, I'm here to tell you there's no need to panic. {trust me, I did that on Friday . . . all day . . . and then I overcame the panic and have come back stronger than ever}

 The Truth Behind Instagram Engagement and Hashtags - and why you aim for top post placement

The key is of course to be posting imagery that will quickly grab the attention of your readers that they want to see and then you want to pull them in with a great caption that either encourages engagement or simply makes them want to comment on the great photo you've just shared.

One, thing that helps your posts have a higher chance of being seen is with instant engagement. This helps to give your posts an extra nudge to show Instagram that you mean business. The quicker your posts get the engagement - the quicker you will appear in the Top Posts for your key hashtags you are targeting. And, not just for a few hours - I recently had a photo remain in Top Posts for one of my targeted hashtags for 6 days and continuing. My Instagram post from last night {shown below} was in 9 of the Top Posts for key hashtags 9 hours later. Four of those hashtags had over 100,000 tags in them. You always want to target hashtags that have over 10,000 in them - but you ideally want to aim to get into the Top Posts for tags that have between 100,000-300,000.

Why aim to get into the Top Post placement in your key hashtags?

Top Post placement means even more eyes on your content and posts - which means more followers and then KaChing! You'll start reaching your customers/clients and possible collaborators. And, the connections you can make as a results can lead to great things for your business.

So, now let me ask you a question . . .

Do you want to be left behind while everyone else wins at Instagram?
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