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5 Reasons Why Hiring Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers is Necessary

Today I'm sharing with you 5 reasons why you don't want to leave your Wedding Day Photo and Video Taking to the Guests on your wedding day ~ the day that you only get one-shot at

With everyone taking snapshots all day long with their mobile devices these days - you may think "why not just let our guests take the photos at our wedding?". Well, I'm here with 5 reasons why you do not want your wedding guests taking the photos and videos of your wedding. And, I have to give a big thank you shout-out to Focus Productions for letting me showcase their photos {and the most amazing video} in this article. {Focus Productions is a VIP Wedding Member in my wedding directory}

1. Photo Memories

When you have a pro photographer capturing your wedding day, you don't have to think twice about the moments that are so special not being photographed. And, if you have particular photos you want taken - simply let your photographer know. Having the perfect moments captured at just the right time is what the professional photographer is there for. Having gorgeous photos of your special day, makes it easy to relive your wedding again and again.

Great Capture of Wedding Ceremony Exit with Rice Confetti Toss {from 5 Reasons Why Hiring Professional Wedding Photographers + Videographers is Necessary} / image credit: Focus Productions in Toronto Canada

2. Live Motion Memories

Having photos in an album is wonderful to look back on your day - but having a video is just as special. I mean, just look at this video below - it's absolutely outstanding and certainly not a video that can be put together by a wedding guest. This type of video creation takes professional skill to put together and is such a beautiful keepsake of all the wedding day highlights.

3. Equipment + Lighting

Whether your marrying in a church {where some don't even allow flash} or outside in the bright sun on a beach - the professionals will know the exact equipment and settings for the lighting current lighting situation. I'm almost certain you wouldn't want all dark photos from the church or all washed out photos because of the sun's glare if you let your guests take the photos. The professionals will always know the right equipment for the light that is happening at the current time of photo taking. And, as the lighting situations change as the wedding progresses - the pros are ready for anything and everything.

Stunning Wedding Cake Display with Crystals on Cake Stand {from 5 Reasons Why Hiring Professional Wedding Photographers + Videographers is Necessary} / image credit: Focus Productions in Toronto Canada
Great Wedding Party Pose Idea with Bride and Groom {from 5 Reasons Why Hiring Professional Wedding Photographers + Videographers is Necessary} / image credit: Focus Productions in Toronto Canada

4. Unobtrusive

You've seen those photos where the photographer is taking a photo and you see all the wedding guests with their iPhones {and iPads sometimes - yikes!} being held in the air to capture the moment too, right? Well, the professionals know the tricks and will be unobtrusive when photographing or videotaping your wedding moments.

Pretty Purple Wedding Bouquet with Crystals and Brooches {from 5 Reasons Why Hiring Professional Wedding Photographers + Videographers is Necessary} / image credit: Focus Productions in Toronto Canada

5. Unplugged

This last one goes along with number 4, as you don't want your own hired professionals being blocked by a wedding guest trying to jockey for the same photo, do you? The easiest was to avoid this happening is to have an unplugged wedding. Let your guests be want they were invited for - a guest at your wedding. And, of course you can give them access to the wedding gallery after so they can select their own photos that they love - the ones taken from a professionals point of view. Maybe you even gift your wedding guests with photo credit as the wedding favor so they can have the keepsake photos they love.

I'd love to hear from you - whether you're planning a wedding or you are a professional - are there any other reasons to share why you want to hire a professional wedding photographer and videographer?

Thank you again Focus Productions for providing the photos and video to include in this wedding article
Wedding Dogs : A Celebration of Holy Muttrimony - funny outtake #3

It's now day 3 of the funny doggie outtakes. My daughter and I love looking thru the new {great coffee table} book, "Wedding Dogs : A Celebration of Holy Muttrimony". I have recorded her doing several of "voice overs" of what she thinks the dog is saying/thinking and I will be sharing them with you each day this week. And, now for today's vocal/funny outtake {with one of the most adorable dogs - just look at that face} . . .

See Doggie Outtake Day 2See Doggie Outtake Day 1

Don't forget to pre-order your copy of Wedding Dogs {scheduled to be released on April 16th}. This book is perfect for the couple that plans to have their canine companion celebrate their special day with them or for any dog lover out there.

Vote for your "best of" wedding video contest for 2012

I have something fun to start your Friday {weekend} off with. I am honored and thrilled to have been asked to be the official media sponsor of this years "best of" wedding video contest from Absolute Media Productions. Details on the contest can be viewed in the video below {including instructions on how to vote for your favorite video}. But, it's pretty simple - you can watch all the videos and then select your favorite and start voting. While watching these videos I realized how much I miss not having hired a videographer for our own wedding. It's so fun to re-live the wedding day with photos, but seeing the real motion and talking from the big day is just as special.

The video that accumulates the most votes will receive a $500 Visa Gift Card. The winning couple will also have their video published and announced as the AMP "Best VIdeo" of 2012 on {as Absolute Media Productions words it} one of the top 50 wedding blogs in the world, {that's me, he he}. Such an honor. Plus, if the winning video accumulates over 25,000 plays, then Absolute Media Productions will match the $500 grand prize with an additional $500 donated to the charity of the winning couple's choice. That's why "sharing" is so important. To cast your vote, click the "share" button in the upper right hand corner of the video you wish to vote for.