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Practical Bridal Shower Favors : fun ideas in blue and silver

Favor Days has a great selection of bridal shower favors including these three lastest additions which are the perfect "something blue" themed favors along with a sparkly silver bottle opener. The "Something Blue" Silicon Kitchen Spatula Favors and "Something Blue" Kitchen Whisk Favors are not only practical for baking many wonderful sweets, but the cool blue and silver color combo is super fun - making them perfect for kitchen themed bridal showers.

If you are looking to make your engagement official with some serious bottle opener bling, then the "Shine, Sparkle & Pop!" Diamond Bottle Opener Favors is for you. It's a bottle opener just for us ladies and all our "girlfriend" get togethers.

Every one of your guests will love you for the Something Blue Shimmering Purse Hook Favors - not only is it elegant and sparkly - but it's the ultimate stylish way to protect your handbag from the nasty public restaurant and coffee shop floors.