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7 Romantic Ways to Wear "Something Blue" on your Wedding Day
There are so many ways you can incorporate "something blue" into your wedding day. But, one special way is with a sapphire gemstone {the traditional symbol of nobility, truth, and romance} that can be worn again and again after your big day. This month, there's something extra special about blue. Not only is sapphire the birthstone for September, but today happens to be my little girl's 3rd birthday {who tends to answer blue nearly every time you ask her "what color is this?"}. I think she realizes how pretty blue is.

Today, I have teamed up with Blue Nile and I'm sharing with you my 7 romantic ways to have pretty Sapphire Gemstones be the "something blue" on your wedding day. PS: simply use the coupon code BRENDA when shopping at Blue Nile to save 10% online or via phone.
7 Romantic Ways to wear "something blue" on your wedding day
1. Wedding Band . . . Be different and have Luna Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Ring be your wedding band

2. Wrist Accent . . . Wear the Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet as a delicate accent on your wrist

3. Engagement Ring . . . Have the Sapphire and Diamond Ring be your engagement ring and wear your "something blue" every day

4. Bedazzle Your Neckline . . . Wear the Sapphire and Diamond Floral Teardrop Necklace {from the Blue Nile Studio Something Blue Collection} and bedazzle your neckline in crystal and blue sparkles

5. Pretty Hair Up-Do . . . Wear your hair in a pretty up-do and add the Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings

6. Wear Your Blessings . . . Marrying in a church? Select a frilly and full wedding gown and wear the dainty Sapphire Cross Pendant

7. Remember Your Loved Ones . . . Honor your loved ones and keep them close to you for your entire wedding with the Sapphire Petite Oval Locket

Which "something blue" sapphire gemstone idea is your favorite?

This post was sponsored by Blue Nile, but all ideas are my own.
The Girly Go Garter - the Smart + Fancy Garter with Pockets

This Girly Go Garter is such an amazing idea {starting at just $39}.
Imagine the following . . .

- celebrating the bride at her bachelorette party without your purse coming along
- dancing at your own wedding and never grabbing your clutch/purse to freshen up
- going on date nights or a girls night out without a purse

Despite leaving your purse behind, you can still bring your phone, cash, credit cards, ID, lip gloss and more! You're probably asking how this is possible, right? Well, the GirlyGoGarter® has GentleFlex™ Grippers to keep it on your leg and it also has pockets to safely hold the necessities. The garter securely holds up to 3 lbs, even while dancing.

In addition to the original GirlyGoGarter®, there is now the beaded GlitzyGoGarter® that will add some extra shine and glamour to your special outings. You can choose from hot pink, red, black and of course the Bridal Blue Wedding Collection Garter.

Unique and Affordable Wedding Styles from ModCloth

Did you get engaged over Valentine's Day? If yes, congratulations! And, if you didn't but are planning a wedding, congratulations to you as well. If you happen to be looking for unique wedding styles, you will definitely enjoy visiting ModCloth. They have everything from fun wedding accessories and white dresses to even something blue.

items featured, from left to right: Dayspring's Glow Earrings, $9.99 | Videoconference Confidence Heels in Navy, $39.99 | Winsome Welcome Dress, $147.99 | Betsey Johnson Luxe of Love Heel in Turquoise, $129.99 | Windy City Dress in Navy, $64.99

With the choices at ModCloth being endless, here are just a few of their Top Picks to cover you for all the fun wedding events leading up to the big day:

1. Intricately Exquisite Tights from ModCloth - perfect for that bachelorette party
2. Wrapped in Romance Hair Chain from ModCloth - a dazzler for the rehearsal dinner
3. Aisle Be There Dress in Lily from ModCloth - vintage inspired GORGEOUS!
4. Sparkle an Interest Heel from ModCloth - beautiful, sparkly and affordable!

Do you have any favorites from ModCloth? Oh, and there's even the ModCloth wedding style book to look thru for more cute ideas.

PS: This post contains affiliate links and your support by clicking on them not only means the world to me, it also helps me earn a little bit extra that I can put towards my {many} ideas I have for the blog. 

Special Giveaway on it's way + a modern day wedding garter invention

I'm working behind the scenes to get the new giveaway up and running for you. Please stay tuned and be sure to check back later for it's launch. You can of course follow me on twitter and facebook to receive word as soon as the giveaway is posted.

updated Nov 19 at 11:26 am est: the giveaway will be launching first thing tomorrow morning {Weds November 20th}.

Now, to hold you over while I prep for the giveaway launch - I have a modern day wedding garter invention to share with you. The GirlyGoGarter® uniquely stashes wedding day essentials (plus phone) discreetly hands-free undetected under your bridal gown. What do you think? Pretty clever isn't it?

Wedding Garter for the Modern Bride - stashes wedding day essentials {plus phone} discreetly undetected under your bridal gown  
Practical Bridal Shower Favors : fun ideas in blue and silver

Favor Days has a great selection of bridal shower favors including these three lastest additions which are the perfect "something blue" themed favors along with a sparkly silver bottle opener. The "Something Blue" Silicon Kitchen Spatula Favors and "Something Blue" Kitchen Whisk Favors are not only practical for baking many wonderful sweets, but the cool blue and silver color combo is super fun - making them perfect for kitchen themed bridal showers.

If you are looking to make your engagement official with some serious bottle opener bling, then the "Shine, Sparkle & Pop!" Diamond Bottle Opener Favors is for you. It's a bottle opener just for us ladies and all our "girlfriend" get togethers.

Every one of your guests will love you for the Something Blue Shimmering Purse Hook Favors - not only is it elegant and sparkly - but it's the ultimate stylish way to protect your handbag from the nasty public restaurant and coffee shop floors.