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Wedding Color Ideas : which color is for you?

guest blogging with Susanna Miles of

What do YOU want? Susanna joins us today with her Unique Take on Popular Wedding Color Ideas

Your love is unique - why shouldn’t your take on wedding color ideas reflect the individuality you treasure? Well, it should! With a little research and an open mind, you can find a perfect wedding color palette - one that makes your heart soar. I’ve taken the liberty of pulling some color ideas together to give you inspiration . . . the rest is up to you!

Red, White and You
Red and white is one of the more popular wedding color ideas… red is often used in winter as an homage to the reds and greens that represent the palette of the colder months. Red and shades of red -- including berry, tomato, burgundies and deep pinks -- always bring the drama. White and polka dots bring cheer.

Edgy Black and White with a Natural Touch
Black and white are classic and classy colors, there’s no doubt. I love the crispness of the color combination. If you’re looking for a way to take the black and white wedding color scheme to a new level and create a wedding color combination that’s unique, try this simple trick: add a natural color like paper-bag-brown, sandy tan or pearl white. This will immediately “tone down” the big contrast of the black and white and create something that’s more casual and still incredibly elegant. And cheaper!

Add the Unexpected to your Wedding Color Schemes
If you’re looking for ways to seize a unique take on popular wedding color ideas, try this: pick a color combo you consider pretty “typical” and then add something completely different to throw the whole palette into a new dimension. For example, the yellow/orange/red tones that are used in fall get completely jazzed up when they’re paired with turquoise. One small change adds intensity to the mix.

Ready for a Gold Rush?
Do you want to take popular wedding color ideas and elevate them to new heights? Try adding metallics to the mix. Gold does wonders to enrich any colors, and works especially well with red and white to give you a feeling of old Hollywood style glamour.  

The same way gold works in harmony with red and white, so does silver work with blue and white. If you’re thinking in terms of cool and warm colors, silver goes with cool and gold goes with warm. The real rule is that there are no rules!

See Spot Run: The Whimsy of Polka Dots
If you want fresh ideas for popular wedding color combinations consider the shapes that your colors are presented in… there’s something innately cheerful about polka dots. Polka dots in yellow = something new for a beach wedding and in red = cherry sophistication. Black polka dots = cheery contrast. Is that you? The overall idea for changing up typical wedding color palette ideas into something really new and different is… take the old and add some new to make it bold.


Thank you so much Susanna for stopping by today to share your wedding color ideas with us. Susanna Miles - the owner of K.i.s.s Wedding as well as the editor of the 4 K.i.s.s Wedding Planning Guides.