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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Garter Color

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Are you trying to decide on the color for your wedding garter? Maybe you want to go classic and choose a cream or ivory. But, if you really want to add a pop of color and infuse a bit of your personality under your dress - here's some inspiration to help you choose your perfect wedding garter color.

PS: These featured wedding garters are from Julianne of The Garter Girl

How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Garter Color

When it comes to choosing the perfect color for your wedding garter - consider your personality and what the color says about you. This color may or may not be a color in your wedding. Since the garter is worn under the wedding dress, you can have lots of fun with it and infuse your own favorite color and style into the garter color of your choice.

Red is for those that are action oriented, outgoing and impulsive. Red stands for strength, health, passion and energy.

Orange is for those that live for being around others and you’re a bit adventurous - loving the outdoors and being full of life. Orange stands for strength, artistic, curious and restless.

Yellow is for those that have strong sense of humor with a vivid imagination. You often enjoy learning and sharing that knowledge with others. Yellow stands for happiness, energy, adventure and warmth.

Green is for those that can feel the need to belong, love and be loved. You’re loyal and down to earth. Green stands for balance, hope, renewal and peace.

Blue is for those that are compassionate, caring and faithful and you often have a need for inner peace and truth. Blue stands for soft, soothing, duty and conservatism.

Purple is for those that have high ambitions and pay attention to the smallest of details. Purple stands for royalty, romance, creativity and harmony.


Pink is for those that often take care of others before worrying about themselves. Others find you warm and approachable. Pink stands for kind, maternal, gentle and delicate.

Brown is for those that prefer a simple lifestyle and you’re hardworking and frugal. Brown stands for safety, comfort, steadiness and kindness.

Black is for those that are natural born leaders yet are careful with sharing details of their life. Black stands for power, mystery, control and being collected.

Grey is for those that prefer to not be the center of attention - rather they prefer to be independent. You like to be in control of your emotions and this results in being indecisive and lacking confidence at times. Grey stands for coolness, conservative, composure, sophisticated.

White is for those that desire simplicity and order - can often be called a perfectionist. You view the world in a positive and optimistic way. White stands for purity, innocence, freshness and youth.

The above color descriptions were created in part by an article shared by affiliate partner Beau-coup.

So, what color wedding garter will you choose?

DIY Uplighting for Weddings : add color and ambience with lights
Are you looking for a unique way to add color to your wedding? Do you want to ditch the harsh fluorescents and spruce up a drab venue? With DIY Uplighting you can rent LED lighting for just $19 per light. Wait until you see the examples below and how very few lights can totally transform any space into a fabulous display of color. Uplighting creates a stunning display and can even make your head table, dessert display and much more look absolutely spectacular. The photo above shows you how the addition of 20 lights was used to add a wonderful pink glow to drapery behind the head table. Below is an example of a plain white room that was completely transformed into a purple fairytale with just 8 lights.
Here's the scoop on DIY Uplighting, along with even more photos of weddings that used uplighting to create the perfect atmosphere for their special day:
1. free shipping nationwide
2. 7 day rental
3. $19 per light
4. no minimum rental
5. professional quality lights
6. quick and easy set-up
The above wedding reception at a Holiday Inn was enhanced with the addition of 20 lights to set the perfect mood. Photo courtesy of Rees Photography {this is her wedding, she was a DIY bride who also happens to be a photographer}.

This photo shows how lights can look in a room with windows. Even though it's still daylight outside, the lights accenting the walls can still be seen, and will only be enhanced as the night falls. Photo courtesy of US Patriot Photography.


This wedding shows how just 18 rental lights can create a a gorgeous display for both the reception room and dessert table.

Are you ready to add color and ambience to your event?

Click Here to CHECK AVAILABILITY on renting your own "up lighting".

Just a $25 deposit is needed to reserve lights.

And, don't forget what event designer Preston Bailey has said . . . "Lighting creates a mood". Now, you can create a beautiful mood at your next wedding or event yourself with DIY Uplighting.
Wedding Flip Flops : over 60 fun and bright colors to choose from
Weddings Are Fun sells custom made wedding flip flops in your wedding colors. They have over 60 ribbon colors to choose from. The best part is . . . if you don't see your wedding colors, you can simply ask them. They can get other ribbon colors that are not shown on their ribbon color chart. Wedding flip flops are available in sizes for the bride, bridesmaids and flower girls. Flip Flops also make wonderful thank-you gifts for your wedding party, too.
Wedding Flip Flops with bows and bling : choose from over 60 colors #flipflops #weddingshoes #bows

Weddings Are Fun specializes in Wedding Flip Flops,
Personalized Unity Candles & Glass Wedding Card Boxes

Digital Freebie: Martha Stewart Weddings Spring Issue for iPad

The Martha Stewart Weddings spring issue hits stands today and to celebrate, EVERY SINGLE ONE of my readers can download the "color issue" for Free. Simply use promo code G9pjjq to download the digital version of the spring issue at absolutely no cost. But, hurry as this offer is only valid for 30 days.

Martha Stewart Weddings has also just launched "The Wedding Dress Finder" on Here you can search by designer name, silhouette, length, neckline or color.

Inspiring Seasonal Wedding Color Palettes based on Jewelry

Since color inspiration for weddings and parties can come from anywhere, I wanted to show you today how even jewelry can be the amazing starting point for your event color palette. I've even created a color palette for each season :) If you have already selected your wedding colors - please let me know where your color inspiration came from. I love hearing the stories behind color palettes.

featured colors for spring: fuchsia and orange bangle from Stella & Dot {$104}

featured colors for summer: midnight blue and turquiose ring from Stella & Dot {$54}

featured colors for fall: ivory and brown beaded necklace from Stella & Dot {$54}

featured colors for winter: stretchable pearl bracelet from Stella & Dot {$36}

See the entire collection of wedding and party jewelry from Stella & Dot here.
What is your favorite color palette that was showcased today?

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