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Dancing With The . . . Husband

For my birthday in late January, my DH surprised me with introductory lessons at our local Fred Astaire dance studio. We loved the intro so much, we have signed up to continue our lessons. Our first official lesson is this Monday February 27th. So far we have learned the basic initial steps in the Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba, and a bit of Swing. In our last lesson, we added another move to the Rumba. The lesson on Monday is 45 minutes long instead of our usual 30, but I still don't think it's enough time. It seems like you just get started and the time is over. We are having lots of fun and I love being able to spend the time with my husband, away from our computers :) Please keep checking back to my blog as I write about our lessons and what we've learned.

We'll both be getting real dance shoes from Melissa at Best Ballroom Shoes - I know which ones I like, just waiting for my hubbie to pick out the pair he likes before letting Melissa know. She has been a great help in letting me know what styles are good for beginners. For instance, she recommends that the guy would probably be most comfortable in a standard shoe rather than a Latin shoe. (Latin shoes usually have a 1" heel and has them leaning forward...which is hard for guys at first) I'm going to go with an open toe cuban style shoe as I don't want a tall heel that will make me taller than my husband. Melissa, who has been ballroom dancing for years, has told me "You really need dance shoes if you want to dance. You can not really move without suede bottoms, especially the woman who does more turning even at the beginning."

Well, that's all for right now - it's time for me to start some dinner. Plus, we should probably get some dance practice in before our next lesson.

Don't forget: The Season Finale of Dancing with the Stars airs on Sunday night, 8 pm EST, on ABC. I am so hooked on that show, plus my DH likes to watch it with me (which of course makes it even more fun to watch, except when he knows it's time for me to call in my votes after the show) - he got hooked on the shows this season once he knew Jerry Rice was competing.