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Quick Quick Slow - Quick Quick Slow ...

We had our first official dance lesson on Monday night - what fun. I keep hearing in my head our instructor telling us either "Rock, Rock, Rock" or "Quick, Quick, Slow". I find myself repeating the dance steps in my head while falling asleep at night (I think of it as a fancy way of counting sheep). Our instructor, Nataliya, is wonderful. Last night she taught us another step in the Waltz - which was very confusing at first, but we found that it's always easier when you pick it up again in the next lesson. We also added more steps to the Rumba, which was so much fun. I can't wait to practice that one this week. I feel like we are actually progressing to where we will be able to put together a nice mini routine to dance at weddings we attend.

I just went on the Fred Astaire Dance Studio website tonight and saw that there is a directory of their studios across the country. There's also a gift certificate that can be printed for one free private lesson and one practice session.

Our dance shoes should be on their way shortly, can't wait. Especially now that we are learning more dance moves, the shoes are going to make the lessons so much better. Next week, Nataliya is going to move forward with more Rumba moves and we'll work on some Swing. (more to come...)