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Top 3 Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid and How to Fix them ASAP

Stop! Are you hurting your growth on Instagram by making these three big mistakes?

Here’s the top 3 ways Instagrammers are hurting themselves and the growth potential of their business when they post. But, have no fear because they are easy to fix :) And, I have a special surprise for you at the end of this post :)

1. Are you tagging photos with other Instagram accounts to get their attention?

If tagging others in a photo with vendors that are involved in the photo, you are totally a-ok. However, I often find myself tagged in photos that I had no involvement in at all. They weren’t styled shoots I worked on. They weren’t features from my blog. I usually have not even ever had an interaction with this company before. They are simply tagging me in the hopes I’ll notice them. I always remove myself from the tagged photos I was not involved in as I don’t want these photos showing up in my photo feed on my account. While I simply remove myself from the tagged photo - you do run the chance of being reported. Some will report your photo instead of removing their tag and this hurts you and your account as your account can be shut down or temporarily disabled if reported too often. If I’m repeatedly tagged by another company, I will message them asking them to kindly stop.

Bottom Line: Don’t tag others on a photo unless they were involved. You don't want them looking likes this.


2. Are you using automated replies for commenting?

This is a huge no no. While you might think you’re making your life easier by not being fully 100% on Instagram and automating your replies - this will hurt you. People in a niche businesses {ex. weddings}, often follow the same people and engage with each other. When they keep seeing the same reply {and often the reply doesn’t even apply to the photo being shared} it sheds a bad light on you and your business.

Bottom Line: Never used automated comments. It makes you look bad all around.


3. Are you posting and not including hashtags? Or not enough hashtags?

Remember hashtags are like the icing on your Instagram posts. Without them, your posts just won't live up to the sweetness they deserve, because . . .
• Without hashtags you lower your engagement
Hashtags help you get into Top Posts which increases your chances of being seen even more
• Without hashtags you reduce your chances of being seen by new clients
Maybe you’re a photographer in Phoenix Arizona - brides might be looking for you in #phoenixwedding #phoenixweddings #phoenixweddingphotographer #phoenixbride #arizonabride #azbride - but without properly tagging your photos, you miss out on being seen
• Without hashtags you significantly reduce your chance of reaching new business leads
Properly tagged photos will increase your chances of being seen by other vendors in your area/niche and without them - you could miss out on a potential big collaboration

Wouldn’t you rather have 100+ likes and comments and engagement from potential clients/customers and collaborators instead of just 20 likes and no comments? So, let’s get those hashtags in there and not miss out on any business opportunities. You can use up to 30 hashtags and I personally suggest between 25-28 so you have room to add a few more down the road if needed for future features with other accounts.

Bottom Line: Never put up Instagram posts without hashtags. {hashtags can be placed in the first comment to be hidden and make your post look cleaner} You want hashtags so you give your Instagram post the exposure it deserves for engagement and reaching clients/customers.

One last thing with hashtags - never ever delete your hashtags! Deleted hashtags mean you are gone from your targeted hashtags forever and future clients will never see you.

So, let me ask you this - are you guilty of any of these Instagram mistakes? It’s ok of you are, but now you know how to start getting more engagement and growth potential with your Instagram account, right?

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