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Sweet Social Media Stats from June | Business Goals for July 2016

This is now the third month where I post something very real, and something that holds me accountable for the goals I set for myself. It's been receiving a great response, so I'm going to continue it again this month. I hope you feel encouraged to set goals for yourself and your business as well. Feel free to leave a comment and share your goals or join me in my Facebook Group for Wedding Pros where I'll be posting and asking my members to join in the conversation.

It's already July, how is this possible by the way? Since we're already into the new month, it's time for me to tally all my social media following from June and see where I increased from the previous month. I'm now only setting 3 goals each month so I don't feel overwhelmed since it is summer and I want to be sure to enjoy the fun and sun with my family too. My goals are to keep increasing my following with my niche market and in return - increase sales and conversions. Because, our social media efforts should be resulting in rewards for our time, right? And, while the higher number are wonderful - they won't mean much if they aren't my targeted following.

 Wedding Blogging Goals for July 2016 and Social Media Stats for June 2016 on Brenda's Wedding Blog

Whether it's making connections, gaining new clients or growing our email list - we all need to have goals with our social media postings. What will your July social media goals be? continue reading to see how my June ended up and then share your results/goals in the comments . . .

So, here's my social media following numbers from June 1st to June 30th, 2016:

Pinterest: from 11,246 to 11,642 > gained 396
If you're curious how I can keep up my Pinterest growth momentum - please take a peek at my 15 Days to Power of Pinterest Course built for Wedding Professionals. I invite you to Join Me as I will help you and your business grow with Pinterest by bringing traffic back to your web site and/or blog as well as reaching your target audience in just 15 Days.

Twitter: from 19,698 to 19,747 > gained 49

Facebook: from 3,692 to 3,699 > gained 7

Instagram: from 3,265 to 3,406 > gained 141
A little insight - I joined an Instagram challenge last month and was rather disappointed that I didn't see the results that were being promised. I wasn't the only one that felt this way as I chatted with several other wedding pros about this. Going forward, I'm going to stick to my own methods for growing a niche Instagram following. It's been a great decision because it's really working! If you want to join me and others as I share my Instagram tips, please join my Wedding Pro Only Facebook Group.

Periscope: from 604 to 623 > gained 19

Google+: from 606 to 607 > gained 1

I had a gain across all social media channels like the past two months - my biggest gains were with Pinterest and Instagram which are the ones I continually put the most focus on.

 Free July 2016 Social Media Content Calendar Download

For June, these are the goals I set - let's see how I did . . .

1. Continue scheduling pins/re-pins {at least 10-20 per day}
Happy to say that while I may not have scheduled 10-20 each day, I did schedule pins and pinned live as well - and each week I ended up with 800-900+ repins

2. Get my posts shared on Google+ the day they go up
Still need to work on this one

3. Try Facebook Live
Still need to work on this one too

So, here's my three social media goals that I plan to take on in July. Please share your goals for this month in the comments.

Whether it's 1 or 5 - I'd love to hear how you will be working with your social media accounts this month and we can hold each other accountable.

1. Continue scheduling pins/re-pins {at least 10-20 per day} as Pinterest is my number one traffic referrer so it's important that my social media focus is here

2. Get my posts shared on Google+ the day they go up - moving this one to July and we'll see what happens - I have to get better at this one :)

3. Engage and Grow my Instagram Account Even More - I want to make July my biggest growth month yet for Instagram. So, I'll be engaging more with those accounts that like my photos and hopefully posting twice a day most of the week.

So, what will you be working on this month with social media? Please share in the comments. I want to be your personal cheerleader :)

 Free July 2016 Social Media Content Calendar Download