Attractive Yet Affordable Wedding Ring Options from Infinity Tungsten

At Infinity Tungsten {where all rings are just $39.99 with a 60 day money-back guarantee}, you will find stylish wedding ring options that are durable and scratch-proof. These tungsten rings are perfect for the budget-conscious couple, especially with the inventory blowout sale going on right now {while supplies last}. At Infinity Tungsten, all rings are 89% Tungsten Carbide, 10% Nickel, and 1% Chromium. They do not use any Cobalt in their rings which means an Infinity Tungsten ring is hypo-allergenic. They use a nickel-binder alloy and not a cobalt-binder alloy. Come see a few of the many choices offered at Infinity Tungsten below. My personal favorite of course would be the pink ceramic ring - wouldn't this make a great ring for your thumb or first finger}