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The Almighty Cincher : Hollywood's Secret to Fitting into the Gown of Your Dreams {or any clothes actually}

I'm going to start this post off by saying I've been "gifted" quite a few items from PR companies that claim they do this or do that. But, not many live up to the claims so I never write about them. But, today I have an absolutely AMAZING item to share with you. And, it's something any lady can use - brides, mother of the bride, wedding attendants and even us "just had a baby mom". That last one would be me {my 2nd baby girl will be 11 months ago tomorrow -- insert sad face here -- time is going by too fast}. The Almighty Cincher by AMIA is helping me re-gain my pre-pregnancy figure {and helping heal my diastasis recti... if you're interested in knowing what this is, wikipedia explains it well. I'll spare you the details here}.

 Look immediately slimmer with The Almighty Cincher from AMIA {a corset with a PowerLatex Core} 

Here is my before and after photo {yup, that's me}. I have to say that even after 2 days of wearing the "corset", it was actually already too late to take the before photo as my stomach had actually decreased from what it was {had started to look like I was 4-5 months pregnant}. The after photo shows you what I look like wearing The Almighty Cincher. 

Imagine what wearing this corset could do for you? You could actually wear that mermaid sheath wedding gown you've been dreaming of!

What can I tell you about The Almighty Cincher?
- instantly provided me with a slimmer shape {which means I naturally feel better}
 - has improved my posture {I sit very straight at my desk now when typing}
 - my back doesn't hurt {I can now wear my daughter in the Baby Bjorn and not feel the weight of her, 18lbs}
 - my pants are actually a bit looser in the waist with the Cincher on
 - my mom is now wearing the small {she now has less back pain and finds it easier to get up from sitting}

I will say that I asked for the size small as I fit into the specs for that size, but there was no way I could close it. It comes with 2 vertical rows of hook-and-eye closures so you can cinch it closed over to the other row as your stomach size slims down. Luckily I was sent the medium and after some squeezing and "sucking it in" I got it on. OMG!!!!! I loved how my clothes looked!!!! And, already after just a week of wearing it every day for about 10-12 hours I can get it on without much squeezing at all.

PS: This particular corset features a PowerLatex Core which is a popular feature for post-baby bodies as they say overtime it reduces inches through increased perspiration. Not sure if it reduces inches, although I definitely get warm when exercising with it on. But, it's definitely making my stomach a bit smaller each day. And, of course I'm walking a mile each night {weather permitting} and starting a mini workout program as well.

PSS: Jessica Alba says she wore a corset post-baby to get her figure back in shape