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As it should be . . . "It's about capturing real, genuine moments of love and joy"

One night a few weeks ago I was able to "virtually" meet a fellow wedding photographer in Australia, Jeremy Kid. He had responded to a tweet of mine, I wrote back and took a peek at his blog and one thing led to another. As a result of our convo, I not only get to share some fun post wedding photos with you, but I'm happy to share some insight into photo taking from Jeremy Kid. What Jeremy says is so great and it's definitely something that we all need to keep in mind. 


Jeremy writes on his blog how he thought this engagement shoot of Geo and Dan marked either a slight change in his photography style or that his focus has changed. Before this shoot, he always wanted to make the dramatic and epic shots that made use of extreme compositions. Think . . . "Instagram-esque colour treatment. More, more, more of everything."

Jeremy says this best so I shall leave it in his words . . . "Now as my photography evolves (or I'd like to think, 'mature'), I find myself striving for restraint. Instead of making my photos look great, I now focus on making my clients look beautiful. Instead of depending on amazing locations, I now focus on capturing real, genuine moments of love and joy." And, now that Jeremy is looking for a photographer for his own wedding, he says it's difficult to find a photographer that captures the right moments {in other words . . . "photos that don't make you wonder what the subjects are feeling"}

And, now - here's more photos from the 'post wedding' photo shoot of Geo and Dan. Jeremy brought the happy couple around iconic Sydney locations including the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and even Cuckatoo Island. By days end, the couple said "it felt like having a really fun one-day tour of Sydney".

And, last but not least, Jeremy says he isn't giving up entirely on his epic shots though - and I'm very glad for that. Just look at this one below . . .