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Winter Wedding Flowers : the best floral choices for the season

guest blogging with Rose Red & Lavender

So happy to have Kimberly of Rose Red & Lavender {a brooklyn, NY based floral design studio and organic garden center} joining me today on my birthday to share with all of us her wonderful ideas for winter wedding flowers as well as some of her favorite winter bouquets and arrangements she's put together. So, now I'll turn it over to Kimberly . . .


Here in Brooklyn, it is snowing outside, again, which reminds me of winter weddings. I love winter weddings, they are so fun and romantic and mysterious, like Dr. Zhivago. Its a wonderful time to get married, and a good time to get a bargain, especially in November and January. Fur, Capes, Dark rich colors, and Icy hues can all be part of winter weddings and there are lots of flowers that are available to use.

Some of my favorites, including ranunculus and anemones are in season. There are also some beautiful roses, tulips, amaryllis, and lots of interesting twigs and branches available in the winter. Some of the cushion chrysanthemums, a flower normally passed over, are especially nice this time of year. 

Remember, that the light is flat and low in the winter. You need very rich or very subtle colors. Bright, poppy, colors, like oranges, yellows and some pinks tend to look a little cold and out of place in winter light. Its better to use brighter whites and deep wine reds, use the bright colors for accents.

Winter can be cold and dreamy, like walking through the woods on a snowy day, and hearing the snow tinkling on the ground. Did you ever listen to the sound of snow? Its magical. This arrangement captures that spirit. We used bright white flowers with silver foliage and put in a bit of warmth by using magnolia branches. I almost expect a little snow fairy to fly out.

Winter can also be warm and cozy. Think about sitting next to a fireplace, sipping some port wine after a lovely winter meal. It may be cold outside, but inside it is wonderful. Wine shades and warm tones look terrific. Here is an arrangement that uses amaryllis, tea roses, snap dragons, stock and eucalyptus flowers. The Eucalyptus are especially frosty, reminding us of the snow outside and the amaryllis is inviting, the wood container is warm.

Winter can be dressed up, and dramatic. You have to wear lots of clothes in the winter, and lots of accessories, so your flowers can be dressed up too. Here is a bouquet that is trimmed in peacock feathers, satin and rhinestones. We used white flowers, and at the bride's request, no roses, and yes, chrysanthemums. The results are stunning.

I love winter weddings, they are so beautiful. This last bouquet was done in shades of red with three kinds of roses, tulips, leucandendron and magnolia leaves. It was made in a cascading form and our bride glowed when she was holding it. Her bride's maid and the rest of the party used white flowers. The photographer took lots of pictures outside in the snow, I can't wait to see the results.


Thank you so much Kimberly for stopping by the blog and helping me celebrate my birthday today with some beautiful floral winter bouquets. To see more from Kimberly, please visit Rose Red & Lavender online.

About Rose Red & Lavender. 
Rose Red & Lavender is a floral design studio and organic garden center located in Brooklyn, NY. Kimberly and Enrique Sevilla opened the shop in the fall of 2008 after having too many flowerless dinner parties as there was no decent place in the neighborhood to buy flowers. Prior to opening the shop, Kimberly designed displays and event props for some of New York's top retailers including Cole Haan, Mac Cosmetics, Kenneth Cole and Barney's. She has a natural eye for color, form and design and a talent for telling a story using abstract materials. Her true passion is with plants and flowers and she has been an avid gardener for many years; opening Rose Red & Lavender was a dream come true. Rose Red & Lavender creates flowers for weddings, special events and for every day enjoyment. They also teach classes in floral design, gardening and terrarium building.