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Real Engagement : Bollywood style by the water in a secluded cove

This e-session, photographed by Glen Cooper of Decisive Moment Photojournalists, is amazing. Asha {Glen's wife} and Glenn recently visited India with their children so Asha had been watching lots of Bollywood movies. When Navin and Avyanna called to say they wanted to have fun with famous scenes they were definitely more than willing to make it happen. Glen found a little cove and as Asha worded it, "in the heat of the perfectly bright August sun, Glen recreated a love story". The photographs are pure beauty and you can't help but feel a sense of calmness when looking at them.

Glen wrote that the general idea for the theme that Navin and Avyanna has for their engagement shoot was Bollywood. In order to pull this off, Glen knew he needed two things from this adventurous couple - a real playfulness and a stellar location. In Nahant, Massachusetts, Glen was able to find a very secluded cove that he says "conjured up images of some far flung destination".

Avyanna arrived for the engagement shoot wearing a beautiful embroidered sari that Glen says must have weighed 50 lbs. Glen worked with his assistant who manned a 42 inch reflector which was the key to the dreamy golden hue in the pics. {For photographers: I love how Glen created a special filter action in PS to give their final edit a cinematic Bollywood feel}. But, as Glen wrote to me, assistants, reflectors and PS magic can only take it so far. - the couple "brought their own ideas and their enthusiasm, and that, above anything I did, made the shoot a stunning success".

Thank you so much Glen for sharing this spectacular Bollywood style engagement session with my readers today. And, as you wrote to me, looking at the photos and listening to a classic Hindi song, such as Barsaat, works beautifully. To see more from Glen Cooper, please visit his web site and blog. {Glen is Boston based, but he is also a destination wedding photographer}