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"We know it's a lot to ask, but do be sure to sample the work of at least three cake bakers before you book one. And don't skimp on price - a cheap cake often means inferior ingredients and taste."

For my own wedding, this is something that I did not do and as a result, we did not get the cake we expected. Although, I'm not quite sure we would have been able to find 3 cake bakers near our wedding reception site. We were married in a church, but had our reception on the grounds of a B&B a little over an hour away. There was only 1 caterer that worked nearby and he told us he worked with a bakery that would create our cake based on our design requests. If I could do it over again, never would I have just said "ok". I would have insisted on meeting with the baker myself to discuss our cake options. The design of the cake was basic and did match the picture I supplied, and it did taste good - but there was NO raspberry filling as we had been promised. I was so disappointed when the cake arrived in front of me and didn't see a stripe of reddish-pink down the middle. Knowing what I know now, I would definitely have called around to more bakeries to sample their cakes. Even if the baker is out of your area, many will provide delivery options to your reception site. I can honestly say that sampling a cake is a MUST!

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