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Unique Wedding Invitation Idea

I recently received a press release about a new idea for wedding invitations that are made of metal.

Excerpts from the press release:
These unique metal wedding invitations from Mcloone help to convey luxury and quality. Mcloone's metal and polycarbonate invitations help planners create the last-a-lifetime memories that brides and their families seek.

Sharon Erler, Business Development Director of Mcloone comments, "Mcloone's metal invitations and mailers were originally created for high profile Hollywood galas and will provide brides and their families the same standout, cutting edge qualities that are intrinsic to, Hollywood glamour events. In addition to using metals, we can add doming, embossing, and debossing, or custom die cut unusual polycarbonate shapes that help intensify the uniqueness of the desired look. Mcloone's products provide wedding planners with a wide array of tools to create last-a-lifetime memories, beginning with the first announcement of the wedding event."