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5 Apps + Programs to Make Instagram Easy to Use

Today I have 5 Apps and/or Programs you can start using today to get Instagram working quicker and more efficiently for you and your business.

 Top 5 Apps and Programs that make Instagram Easy to Use | What are the Top Instagram Apps? / as seen on

I'm guessing you wish there was an easy button when it comes to getting Instagram really working for you, right? Well, there's a few scheduling apps that I use and I have another for tracking engagement and another to keep track of which posts are generating the most clicks {which also means these posts are what my audience wants more of}.

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Now, that you've joined the Instagram challenge - let's get started with those Instagram Apps and Programs to make your life easier . . . {this post contains a referral link to a program I fully support}

1. Tracking Engagement with Iconosquare
I love using Iconosquare as each day I am emailed my previous day's engagement rate and my following growth. There's many other features in the program which is web based including comment replying/liking, seeing which posts have received the most comments/likes/engagement, tracking specific hashtags, followings that don't follow you back, followers you don't follow back, average likes received per post, and much more.
Cost: various pricing levels
{14 day no-cost trial}

2. Tracking Instagram Clicks with Link in Profile
Since Instagram only gives you one click and changing that link for each post when they direct to different urls can be a pain. With Link in Profile, you simply add a url to each caption and then use the special link provided by Link in Profile in the url space in your Instagram bio. I have personally changed that specific link to a link for even more tracking purposes. Plus, it looks better than seeing a link to a domain that isn't yours - is a widely used link shortener for online. When a user clicks that url in your bio - they are directed to a page where they can see your Instagram feed and click on the photo they want more details on. You can see mine in action right here.
Cost: $9.99 a month
{30 day no-cost trial with my referral link - perfect timing for the challenge}

3. Scheduling posts with Later
I'll be honest and say this one seems a bit clunky for me. Being a graphic designer, I'm more visual so while I can view my feed as a grid as I add photos into Later - scheduling the actual posts is not as user friendly. But, this app let's you schedule and plan your posts in advance and they'll be ready to push thru to Instagram at the time you have planned. You will receive a notification on your phone/ipad at the scheduled time.
Cost: Free for up to 30 posts a month

4. Scheduling posts with Plann
I'm going to be honest and say I LOVE this app. It works beautifully and you can add in your photos and drag them around if you wish to get the perfect Instagram photo flow going. You can also schedule the posts and they are ready to go when you want them to be posted - you'll be notified too.
Cost: $8.99 one time fee

5. Scheduling posts directly within Instagram {sort of}
You can now prep your posts directly in Instagram and after typing in your caption, simply hit the back arrow twice and it will ask if you want to save as a draft. This doesn't let you set a specific time for posting {but you can always set your alarm}. It also won't give you a preview of your Instagram grid with the scheduled photos in place.

By knowing these tips before the Instagram challenge starts - you'll be ready to start right in on Monday morning. If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time - or simply leave me a comment below.

Until Next Time . . .