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How to Increase Instagram Engagement with the New Algorithm

Have you noticed a dip in engagement on Instagram recently? Either with likes, comments, or both?

If you have, then you are likely being affected by the recent update with the algorithm on Instagram. They are favoring posts with text that takes up 20% or less of the image. The Instagram posts that are of course performing the best, are ones with no text, just plain visuals. I heard about this last night from a lifestyle blogger after she posted a giveaway that featured a predominantly text based graphic {showcased the logos of the participants}.

 How to Increase Engagement on Instagram with the new algorithm

So, how can you increase your Instagram engagement?

From the beginning Instagram was a visual platform, so post those eye-catching photos and write an attention getting caption to draw the reader in to read more and take action with your post. I think Instagram is clamping down on the overload of the motivational quotes that are so text heavy. And, Facebook does own Instagram, so we can’t be too surprised that Instagram would follow along with the 20% text rule. I have noticed sponsored posts are showing up more and more in my feed which only makes me think more changes are on the horizon.

But, for now, you can post eye catching visuals and grab my 5 Tricks to a Highly Engaging Instagram Post so you can be sure your posts are seen by those you are targeting.