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How to Make Your Instagram Post Instantly Engaging - without any scheduling apps

Want to save time and increase engagement with your Instagram posts, immediately? In my latest Periscope, I shared a live tutorial on how I create my Instagram posts without any scheduling apps.

In this scope, you see me get an Instagram post up while you watch and I walk you through exactly how I do them to increase engagement right away. Plus, I reveal a special way you can be seen on my Instagram feed - did you know that if you add the tag #bwbfinds to your elegant "wow" imagery you have the chance to be shared in my Instagram feed? And, there's something brand new that will quickly become your must-have wedding professional resource when it comes to using the right hashtags for your target audience. Watch below to see it all . . . or continue reading below the video for more details >

 The Secret to Making Your Instagram Post Instantly Engaging WITHOUT Any Scheduling Apps

So, what do you think? Are you ready to make your posts instantly engaging and to reach your target audience? Don't forget to Pre-Order your Ultimate Instagram Hashtag Guide for Wedding Professionals today before the pre-launch price goes away on February 29th.

To make posting easy and engaging on Instagram - you can simply write your post in text edit or even an email with a break between your caption and hashtags. Then email it to yourself with the photo to save to your camera roll {if you want to add emojis, simply paste it into the notes app on your phone}. When your ready to post at your optimal time, you will . . .

1. copy and paste the caption and hashtags
2. go to Instagram
3. upload the image - edit if needed
4. paste in the caption and hashtags
5. select just the hashtags and cut them out {moving up the cursor to the end of the caption}
6. post and then immediately paste in the hashtags in first comment and send
7. now you can sit back and wait for the engagement to happen

With this method you don't need scheduling apps and you don't need to go out of Instagram to go back into notes to grab your hashtags. This wastes precious time when your hashtags could already be working to get you into the Top Posts spot {for a bit}. And, by having your caption and hastags in email or notes - you have a back-up copy {just in case}.

Now, Don't Forget . . .