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How to Follow Your "Business" Arrow and Calling It Quits

Can you believe that we are already into our second month of 2016? How was your January? Were you able to start on your goals for this year? If not, no worries - it's a fresh month with the chance for amazing things to happen. I have big plans for 2016 and in a way I'm calling it quits. Not, completely, but, with all the competition and inexperienced so called "experts" out there, it's got me thinking a lot about how I want to move forward this year. So, I'll be calling it quits in the ways that haven't been working. I'm going to be "following my arrow" and bringing my graphic design background more front and center in the new year.

I spent January doing lots of brainstorming and thinking about where I want to take my wedding blog in 2016. There's so many pop-up sites saying they'll do this and that for your business and they barely have any experience. They aren't even in the same industry and their numbers don't match what they claim. Makes me sad to see others fall for their sales pitches.

But, I'm not calling it quits and neither should you when things get a little tough.

One main thing I know for sure is that after 14+ years in the wedding industry - I am more passionate than ever in helping businesses just like yours reach the brides you want {need} and grow your business for success.

I'll soon be rolling out a brand new
section of business services just for you.

- Services that will grow your business.
- Services that will help you reach your niche market.
- Services that you will simply love to take advantage of.
I'm going to take your business from "ho hum" to "oh wow"!

In the meantime - is there anything you need help with for your business right now? Do you want to reserve a giveaway sponsorship and grow your audience at the same time? Please email me at and let me know how I can help. 

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