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How + Why to Link Your Business Facebook Page to Your Personal Page

Did you know that you can easily link to your business Facebook page from your personal page? Are you wondering why you should?

Well, the first reason, is obviously to spread the word about your business so you can be found easier if someone searches for your name on FB.

But, another HUGE benefit is when joining Facebook groups. For my own Facebook group - I only accept those that own a wedding business. So, when a request comes in and I'm not familiar with the name, I click on the personal name in hopes I can see where they work on their page. But, it's typically not there. Which means, I then private message them to find out if they do own a wedding business. This obviously isn't the ideal way to make it easy for others to work with you, right?

Want to know the quick and easy way to add a link to your business FB page on your personal page? I'm sharing it with you today with easy step by step instructions . . .

Quick and Easy Steps to Adding Your Business Facebook Page to Your Personal Page:

Step 1: Go to the main page of your personal account and click on the About Tab
Step 2: Click on the Work and Education Link in the left column
Step 3: Click on the + for Add a Workplace
Step 4: Start typing in your business page name in the Company search box
Step 5: Click on "create "company name" & then complete other fields
Step 6: Click on "save changes" and you're all done!

PS: When you are all done updating your personal facebook page - please be sure to sign up to join Brenda's Wedding Business Club here so I can add you into my facebook group :)