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Instagram Giveaways : The Do's and Don'ts

When it comes to Giveaways on Instagram, there's no denying there are many out there.

There's the flash giveaways
There's the loop giveaways
There's the single shop giveaways
There's the partnered giveaways
The list goes on and on . . .

But, did you know there's a truly easy way to host an Instagram giveaway?
One that won't discourage your followers and have them give-up on entering?

Yes, I'm talking about those darn loop giveaways. They pretty much require a post all on their own - so stay tuned for that. But, I will say this for now - if participating in a loop giveaway - make sure it keeps within your niche so you gain qualified followers.

Today, I have a few do's and don'ts to share with you when it comes to Instagram giveaways.

Then, I have a template that you can actually copy and paste right into your own IG post to make your next giveaway easy for you to create and easy for your followers to enter. So, here we go . . . when creating your Instagram Giveaway . . .

Don't make it complicated
Don't offer a prize unrelated to your niche
{ex. no iPad as you will get many entries just looking for a freebie + you want your target audience to be entering}

Do keep it simple
Do keep it all on instagram
{ex. no asking for likes on Facebook}
Do have a deadline
Do include a standard Instagram disclaimer

I have found the best Instagram giveaways ask for a like of the photo, a follow of the host's IG account, and tagging of friends in the comments. You can even offer an extra entry for re-posting the photo and tagging the host's account and a special hashtag created for the giveaway. You will of course want to check your hashtag before posting to be sure it's ok to use. The Instagram giveaways that require me to re-post the photo on my page result in me not being able to enter as I have consistency in my feed that I don't want broken up by another person's graphic.

Instagram Giveaways : The Do’s and Don’ts PLUS a FREE Copy + Paste Template

So . . . are you ready for the copy and paste template that you can use TODAY to launch your very own giveaway on Instagram?

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