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How Often Do You Tweet? You'll be surprised at how often you should be

Did you know the average tweet
has a lifespan of only 30 seconds?

So, now my question for you is . . . How often do you tweet? Thirty seconds is not a long time at all. So if you are only tweeting once a day and your audience isn't viewing their twitter newsfeed within 30 seconds of the time you tweet, they will likely NEVER see your tweet{s}. Unless they of course go directly to your profile - which isn't a likely scenario.

What should you do? Tweeting once an hour from early morning until late at night isn't likely going to work for everyone {even though that's the recommendation}. I personally aim to schedule tweets or send direct tweets about 10 times every day {M-F}.

Now, I want to hear from you . . . please leave a comment letting me know how often you tweet. Will you be increasing your tweeting frequency?