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The Number One Way to Brand Yourself on Social Media

 The Number One Way to Brand Yourself on Social Media

I'm sure you've seen many pins all about how to "Brand Your Social Media". These tips often apply mainly to Instagram. But, wouldn't you want to brand yourself on social media across all the platforms? Well, I'm here to tell you that while those ideas you've seen might all be great, there is one simple {and easy} way to brand yourself on social media without figuring out which of these "tricks" you need to "test" out first.

Let me first show you how you might brand yourself if you were focusing on Instagram so you can see why you want to "brand yourself" across the social channels. You could . . .

1. Create a co-hesive look to your entire feed {some feeds have a special look for every third image - this requires too much planning for me}
2. Use a consistent filter {although I'm personally not a fan of filters, but I do use the brightness, contrast, warmth and saturation adjustments within the IG app}
3. Have a dominate color throughout the images in your feed {pink is super common}
And, of course there's even more ideas that can leave you still questioning what to do

But, these "branding tricks" won't work for twitter or pinterest

So . . . are you ready to find out the NUMBER ONE way to brand yourself social media? One that you could have up and running by days end?

The NUMBER ONE way to "brand yourself" on social media . . . across all platforms . . . is to . . .

You want to tell your audience something like this . . . "You can find me at @weddingsites". And, then, your audience can easily find you on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, even Periscope, and any other social media platforms you choose.

When you brand yourself online in social media with the same "handle", your name will become recognized whenever and where ever you share content online. When you do this, you will also be gaining authority in your field.

Please come back next week, when I share with you the second easiest way to continue to brand yourself across all the social media channels.

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