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Post • Engage • Grow / Wedding Mastermind Group

You know you're the Wedding Expert in your area of service,
but you're struggling at building your online presence for growth

Posting on Social Media puts you outside of your comfort zone

you struggle with what to post so you can grow, build trust and bring in the sales

you often feel overwhelmed with all there is to know about social media

If you said "yes, that's me" to any of the above statements, then it's time to join me personally and other wedding entrepreneurs in the industry as we work together to help you overcome the struggles you are having at building that ever important online presence. For the last two months of the year, we will work together, grow together and support each other TOGETHER in the Post • Engage • Grow Mastermind Group. I will be here to personally guide you along the right path towards growth so you can start 2017 way ahead of your competitors.

in the mastermind group You'll be learning . . .

• how to take the lessons from the Post • Engage • Grow Instagram Challenge to the next level so you can:

1. Gain the right followers {having followers that want to hear + engage with you is better than just a big number}
2. Attract your target audience {reaching your target market is what leads to growth and then reaching your customers}
3. Increase your engagement {new Instagram algorithm favors engagement. More engagement + your higher in the home feed}
4. Make sales {once all the above is in place + you have built trust - it's time to make some sales}

• how to build the ultimate opt-in for your audience to grow that ever important email list
• how to create a freebie to start growing that email list
• how to use blogging to provide online content + supplement your business
blogging seo tips so you can create useful content that solves your target audience's problems
• the number 1 mistake people make with their social media strategies (could be costing you thousands of dollars every month)
• and more, which can't even be revealed yet

there's even over $475 in bonuses included . . .

ONE: Printable Instagram workbook (based on the Post • Engage • Grow Instagram Challenge lessons)
$69 value

Printable Instagram post checklist
$9 value

THREE: First 15 sign-ups will receive at least 10 targeted hashtags just for their business
$75 value

FOUR: Pro Team Member status which includes a listing in the Vendor Guide on Brenda's Wedding Blog {links to your site + social media channels and a photo gallery of your work} PLUS social media shout-outs {I'll share + promote you online} PLUS an invitation to join a group Pinterest board to bring traffic back to you. The Pro Team membership is all about getting wedding professionals {YOU} seen, shared and featured to grow your business + reach your target audience.

FIVE: A private FB group for the Post • Engage • Grow Mastermind so we can all share our goals and have the support of each other so we can reach those goals. One thing that is the key to success and growth of any business, is having a support system in place
priceless value

So . . . I give you two options . . .

1. You can choose to do all this on your own + hope for the best
{which we all know doesn't happen despite our best intentions}


2. you can choose to join the Post • Engage • Grow Mastermind Group that starts on november 1st, 2016 and together we will MAKE our hopes, dreams and goals HAPPEN!!!

Here's just a few things participants in the Post • Engage • Grow Instagram Challenge have said . . .

Just letting you know that my latest collaboration above came strictly from IG. No other contact with them. We follow each other and they reached out to me. So this works!!! Keep doing what you do ladies!!! Thanks Brenda for providing this format for us to thrive! Please don't give up on this Brenda. You may not see it every day but you have created a formula that works and I am living proof. Your encouragement is invaluable, your information is invaluable and we appreciate you! ~ Stacie

Thanks so much Brenda for all of the tips and guidance throughout this challenge! I have already found them to be so beneficial and I plan to continue using it all and use Instagram to its full potential! And I love the Planoly app! Even though I haven't used it to schedule any posts yet, I still love it because I can drag images around and see what the overall layout of posts will look like!! It's super helpful! Thanks again for everything! ~ Carissa

This challenged forced me out of my comfort zone. Ever since I have had Instagram, I've never posted 5 Days straight and now I have posted for the entire challenge. I loved that you shared valuable resources with us. I have seen an increase in engagement. I still need to check out the conversions but I absolutely loved this challenge. It was an awesome challenge. ~ Judena

Thank you so much for doing all you can to help us out. We have so much to deal with on the business end and it really helps that you can provide us with great resources and provide awesome packages that we can invest in to help us grow on social media. I really enjoyed sharing this week. The challenge was intimate and no hassle at all. We did not feel lost either. You did a wonderful job creating such a great challenge. Thanks again ~ Nikeicha