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Wedding Menus for Those with Food Allergies

When this email landed in my inbox I knew I had to feature it. As we recently went gluten free with my daughter, I'm always interested in finding great recipes that fit the new daily menu we now have. 

For many brides, planning a wedding menu can be difficult just in itself. Especially when you have extended family with food allergies. And, when you throw in a challenging gluten-free diet, it can be even more difficult. But, according to Mike Lathbury, Owner and Chef of High Pointe Catering in Lake Tahoe, CA, a "gluten-free cuisine can be just as tempting and delicious as standard party fare and guests will be none the wiser". Lathbury says "gluten-free menus can be creative and sexy and still be as tasty and eye-appealing as any regular party menu. We offer 100 percent gluten-free menus that allow the gluten-free host to be worry-free and really enjoy the party,".

Lathbury suggests hiring a caterer who is well-versed in the idiosyncrasies of gluten-free cooking. Lathbury says, "Many professional chefs are aware of gluten in bread, but they don't realize that is also found in many common ingredients used during cooking, including sauces with flour, glazes, MSG, modified food starch and textured vegetable protein".

Gluten-free hosts need to be mindful of cross-contamination if they are offering a few items with gluten. To cross that worry off the list, Lathbury suggests a 100 percent gluten-free menu. Do you think gluten-free food can't provide the celebratory vibe that good party food evokes? Think again, says Lathbury, whose specialties range from Dungeness Crab Cakes to Roasted Garlic Brie on Flat Bread with Blueberry and Apricot Puree. Oooooh, both sound delicious!

"Great parties feature great food, and everyone – the host and the guests – should be able to join in the fun" Lathbury says.

A favorite of High Point's customers is the gluten-free recipe, Dungeness Crab Cakes with Mango Relish, which Mike has been so kind to share with my readers today.

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