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Sassy Sauces Offers a Line Of Dessert Sauces

Sassy Sauces, a line of dessert and savory sauces, are the delectable creation of Pastry Chef Maureen Harder. The goal was to combine the finest chocolate with wholesome all natural ingredients to create a luscious product. Wouldn't these chocolate sauces be great to serve at an ice cream bar?

Sassy Sauces are crafted in small artisanal batches so attention is paid to every detail. Only the highest quality ingredients are used - pure Vermont cream and butter and Belgian and French chocolate. Sassy Sauces never puts any chemicals or preservatives in the sauces and they are gluten free.

The uses for Sassy Sauces are endless. Enjoy over ice cream or glaze a cake for a professional look. You can even roll into truffles or swirl into coffee for a special treat. Melt in the microwave for a gourmet fondue in seconds or just eat straight from the jar with a spoon. Oooooh, this is making my mouth water as I tell you about the sauces. They sound delicious. Has anybody tried the Sassy Sauces? I'd opt for the non-spicy ones, but if you like a bit of heat with your chocolate, there's an option for you. The dessert line includes:

Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce - intense rich flavor with just a hint of espresso

Rum Caramel Sauce - smooth and buttery with a burnt sugar flavor mellowed with cream and finished with dark Caribbean rum.

Spicy Dark Chocolate - wonderfully rich dark French chocolate with the kick of chipolte peppers and cayenne and the sweet accent of cinnamon. The Perfect amount of heat.

Peanut Butter Fudge - America's answer to nutella! Belgium chocolate mixed with all natural peanut butter. Simply addictive.

Milk Chocolate Caramel - creamy and smooth; smokiness of the caramel counteracts the sweetness of the milk chocolate. Perfect balance of sweet, salty and creamy.