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Unique Foodie Experience: The Island Creek Raw Bar

As wedding season fast approaches, Island Creek Oysters is ready to offer epicurean brides a unique foodie experience: The Island Creek Raw Bar. The Island Creek Raw Bar is an interactive culinary experience, which provides guests with the opportunity to indulge on freshly shucked oysters sustainably farmed in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

The Island Creek Oyster crew of growers and skilled shuckers will arrive at your event with our signature raw bar, a six-foot, hollowed-out dory filled with crushed ice and pristinely assembled with oysters. Island Creek Oysters is also able to provide local littlenecks, shrimp and other shellfish to give guests a variety of items to choose from. The company’s growers and shuckers then casually chat while educating guests on the oysters we grow and the landscape of Duxbury Bay.

The size of your event will determine the number of shuckers
and pieces of shellfish Island Creek recommends ordering:

- For up to 100 guests = 1 shuckers
- For 100-200 guests = 2 shuckers
- For 200 guests or more = 3 shuckers

- Island Creek Oysters = $1 per piece (3 per guest)
- Littleneck clams = $1 per piece (2 per guest)
- Cooked shrimp $20.95/lb (1 lb per 5-7 people)

To book the Island Creek Oyster Bar, it's recommended to contact them at least 4-6 weeks prior to your event. Additional set-up and travel fees apply; Island Creek Oysters can be reached for an estimate by calling 781-934-2028.

About Island Creek Oysters
Skip Bennett, owner and founder of Island Creek Oysters, planted his first oysters in 1992 after three years growing quahogs in Duxbury Bay. After years of trial and error, and some undeniably delicious oysters, Island Creek Oysters has grown into one of the largest and most reputable aquaculture businesses in the US, selling nearly five million oysters a year around the world. Intense care is given to every step of the process, from hatchery to harvesting. Because of Island Creek's commitment to excellence, the National Shellfish Association named Island Creek Oysters the best oyster in America. For more information, or to purchase oysters for home delivery, please visit