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The White Wedding Cake {re-interpreted as a cheese-cake}

According to Cypress Grove Founder and Master Cheesemaker Mary Keehn, there's a trendy new wedding idea with an all-new intrepretation of the White Wedding Cake. The multi-layered "cheese-cakes" pictured below were made using a variety of award-winning Cypress Grove Chevre goat cheeses – including the American original Humboldt Fog and the new Truffle Tremor. Mary actually served one of these "cheese-cakes" at her own wedding in Northern Califoria last year.

Mary says "the "Ultimate Cheese-cake" can either be served along side or instead of a sweet wedding cake after dinner, during cocktail hour or as a cheese course providing guests with something savory to savor on their big day, at the rehearsal dinner and/or as a unique groom's cake".

Gina Freize, President & Cheese Wiz at Venissimo Cheese, was inspired by Cypress Grove Chevre and now creates and sells her own custom "chevre cheese-cakes" which are a popular new item among brides-to-be at her four stores located throughout Southern California.  

Below, Gina offers basic directions to create your own "cheese-cake" along with ideas on how to get creative and add your personal touch.

To assemble:
1. Order wheels of your favorite cheeses from your local cheese shop or specialty gourmet store
2. Stack wheels from large to small; if desired, separate layers with cake boards or parchment paper
3. Decorate in your event color palette with edible flowers, fresh or dried fruits, nuts or candies
4. Refrigerate; take cheese-cake out one hour before serving to give the cheese time to soften

To serve:
1. Use a thin blade, soft cheese knife with holes (look for a knife with large holes); do not use a serrated knife
2. Simply slice out a nice piece from the top layer and work your way down
3. Wipe the knife clean after each cut

Suggested Pairings and Accompaniments:
1. Delicious with fig jam, honey or dark chocolate atop artisan breads, flatbreads or crackers
2. Pairs well with Sauvignon Blanc or Champagne 
3. Serve alongside scoops of Laloo's for a gourmet take on "cake and ice cream" (all made from delicious and nutritious goat's milk!)

And, of course, if you'd rather leave it to the experts, Venissimo will work with you to create your ultimate cheese-cake with the cheeses of your choice and decorate it to match your wedding colors. Venissimo's most popular Chevre Cake is a smaller version, with Cypress Grove's 1-lb mini Humboldt Fog topped with Fog Lights (8 oz disk). Serves 20-25; average price: $75. Three-layer cakes serve 20-40; four-layer cakes can easily serve 100+ guests.