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Do your guests have food allergies? There's an app for that

Are you planning an event and either you or some of your guests have food allergies? Well, there's a great food recipe app for both the iPhone and iPad called Cook It Allergy Free that contains an amazing collection of recipes. The recipes aren't just all gluten free, but also nut free, dairy free, egg free, etc. And, one of the great features of the app is the choices you are given should you need to substitute. For example - can't use pine nuts? You can use sunflower seeds.

The recipes in the app(s) are either created by the Cook It Allergy Free founder herself, Kim Maes, or other food bloggers. I've made quite a few recipes from this app and have loved every single one. And, so many of them are perfect for those special occasion events. The best part is, your guests that don't have food allergies won't even know these recipes are special, the flavors are amazing.

Here's just a quick run-down of the pros and cons for both the iPhone and iPad app - but this has nothing to do with the recipes - just the way the app works for usability. Both apps allow you to save your favorites to a recipe box which is the feature that I love.

The plus sides to using the iPhone for the app:
1. The recipes {and ingredients} are always with you no matter where you are

The downside for me when using the app on the iPhone:
1. The ingredients and directions are in 2 separate tabs. I'd prefer seeing them on the same page and scrolling as I always like to see my ingredients and the order that I should be combining them without flipping between tabs.

The plus sides to using the iPad for the app:
1. Much larger and you can see the ingredient list and directions on the same screen
2. More user friendly with even more features

The downsides for me when using the app on the iPad:
1. It's hard to know if you need to scroll for the ingredients as the scroll bar disappears when you're not scrolling, so be sure to always scroll just so you don't miss seeing any of the ingredients.
2. Some of the sections on the iPad app {not the recipes} do have banner ads which isn't something I would expect to see on a paid app

The iPhone app costs $4.99 and the iPad app costs $8.99 but it's definitely worth the money as the recipes are top notch and there's typically always a photo of the finished product to accompany the recipe.

Photos above courtesy of the Cook It Allergy Free blog.