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Candy & Dessert Table Safe Options for Hot Weather?

I've received the following inquiry from a bride-to-be and wanted to ask my readers for their advice. Please leave a comment letting me know what you think?

I have been reading your blog daily ever since I discovered it a couple of months ago. I am a bride-to-be from Greece to be married in July. I noticed you have a particular interest in all the gastronomy-related wedding issues. So I was wondering if you could give me some tips on this: the wedding will take place during one of the hottest periods of summer in Greece.

I was wondering apart from our traditional almond favors, what else could I offer on a candy table which would not be affected by the heat? I was thinking macarons perhaps but I'm stuck on anything else!

Could you perhaps send me some food-:)- for thought?

I hope it is not too much to ask!

Update: I asked my twitter friends for suggestions and have received the following responses:

1. from Larissa of Weddings Costa Rica: avoid chocolate, make sure things are individually wrapped (so they don't stick together)

2. from Lucia of Jason Angelini Photography: We've done a couple weddings with sundae bars...cups of ice cream and then all the toppings in pretty glass containers.

3. from Roberta of Shootz Photography: Rock candy is cool looking you can have almost any color or size. Also taffy and caramels, Yummy!