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Blog Mention : A Southern English Garden Grows

Sending a "thank you" to Kristin {the Biscotti Quenn} for mentioning her feature in my magazine

Best Wedding Sites Magazine Feature

We've been busy here in the kitchen (and the garden for that matter) but that is no reason to neglect my blog!

I've come to post tonight because I want to share a recent feature we were lucky enough to be included it. It was a wonderful experience with many talented people & other great creative vendors all over the country. The Best Wedding Sites Magazine was kind enough to include Fogl's Kitchen in their summer magazine wedding themes addition. We'd love for you to go visit the magazine, maybe even purchase a print copy... it is slam packed with creative wedding ideas and themes (some fabulous ones that could even work well for birthday's or an afternoon with friends). You'll see our Lemon Biscotti on page 37 in the tea party theme!

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