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Pinterest Course for Creatives and Business Growth

Get Ready to Toss the Confetti and

Master the Power of Pinterest for your Business

This is the Master Pinterest Course for Creatives that will have you expanding your reach, growing your business & bringing amazing traffic to your site/shop.


Your Clients and Customers Are Using Pinterest to Find THE Perfect Everything. Will They Find YOU?

Yes, every bride’s favorite place to plan and create their dream wedding is just a click away from you.

Yes, every mom's favorite place to plan and create the perfect party for their child is where you need to be.

Yes, the perfect shopping spot for the next celebration or holiday is only one browser tab away from this one.

Did you know the following? (courtesy of HootSuite)
93 percent of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases
96 percent use Pinterest to research and gather information
87 percent report that Pinterest has helped them decide what to purchase

Pinterest traffic and referrals CAN and WILL give you the business of your dreams, and it doesn’t require more than a few minutes of work a day. Or, choose one day and about an hour and you can actually sit back and not touch Pinterest again for another week. In fact, it might just be the easiest thing you’ve ever done to achieve success.

No more long nights. No more wasted time. No more expensive ads. Just a wild amount of referral traffic to your site, and clients. You can take that vacation and truly unplug. Your pins will continue working for you while you're away.

Everything You Need To Know To Make Pinterest Work For YOU is in this Pinterest Course for Creatives

I’ve spent years perfecting the tips, tricks and secrets in this course. I had to learn as I went, and I had to make a lot of mistakes.

But YOU, are a lot luckier. You’re not going to make mistakes. And it’s not going to take you years.

It’s going to take you days.

My Master Pinterest Course for Creatives is made up of easy to tackle short lessons that you can do at your own pace, any day, anytime, anywhere. But, there is a FB Group included for support and accountability as the course modules are released.

You can do a lesson or a few at a time and finish in just days, or you can binge learn and do them all at once! Your choice!

Either way, you get to work the lessons into your life, so there’s no stress trying to fit class time into work time.

Even better, Master Pinterest Course for Creatives is going to return something you lost a while ago.

Your productive time.

By doing what I teach you, you’ll be able to serve more clients, set up more appointments, and grow your business, rather than just work at it.

If you take this course, and do everything you learn, I can assure you’ll get more leads and sales, no matter what creative service you offer. From party planners, event stylists, photographers, invitation designers, handmade shop owners and more.

You. Yes, you! The creative who, just a few short weeks ago, was struggling to be noticed and hired.

The thing is, this scenario doesn’t have to be a fantasy.

You CAN have more clients than you ever thought possible. You CAN watch your bank account grow, and experience the success you’ve been dreaming about, and working so hard for.

How, you ask? With just one simple word . . .


Everything in this course is what I’ve used to grow my own Pinterest following.

It’s what’s helped my blog, Brenda’s Wedding Blog, along with Giggle Hearts to for me and my featured vendors even when I have to take some time away. It’s what’s helped me not only increase my own sales but the sales of my featured vendors that I get to promote on my blog(s) and then Pinterest.

If I don’t believe in something, it’s not in this course. Period!

Right now, Master Pinterest Course for Creatives is price affordably at $124.

For just $124, I’ll teach you all the Pinterest tips, tricks and insider secrets you need to make your referral traffic, leads and business grow like crazy.

Sign up TODAY, and have the creative business of your dreams!

P.S. Your tuition includes FREE access to my private Facebook group. You’ll receive personal, one-on-one help from me and other creative peers. Have a question? Need some moral support? We’ll only be a click away!

Want to know a little bit about me and my background with Pinterest?

My @weddingsites account has over 17.2k followers on Pinterest {growing each day}
and just under 1 milion engaged monthly viewers (saves, clicks, repins)

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 4.09.30 PM.png

In this Master Pinterest Course for Creatives you will learn:

• How to be sure your account is set up to make use of the analytics
• How to be sure your pin links to the feature you're pinning
• Find out the best sizes for highly engaging pins
• How to setup Pinterest boards and make use of the description area
• Why you should re-pin your own pins (new and old)
• PLUS other tricks to grow your Pinterest reach
. . . and so much more to Master Pinterest for your Creative Business

Reserve Your Spot Today!!!