My Special Trick for Instagram Posting - No Need for Scheduling Apps

Did you catch my latest periscope where I shared a live tutorial on how I create my Instagram posts without any scheduling apps and saves even more time that scheduling them?

In this scope, you see me get an Instagram post up while you watch and I walk you through exactly how I do them to increase engagement right away. Plus, I reveal a special way you can be seen on my Instagram feed and an all new guide that you will surely want to pre-order. Watch below . . .

Color Me! Hearts Cookie Gift Set from Eleni's

What's better than eating cookies? Coloring and designing them first! Express your creative love this Valentine's Day with these heart cookies from Eleni's.

Now you can have your cookies and decorate them too {and of course eating them after}. I LOVE the idea of expressing your creative love for Valentine's Day with these heart cookies from Eleni's. They come in a reusable tin that keeps the cookies fresh {for up to 2 months} and can then be used to store the Eleni's Color Me! edible ink markers. The set comes with seven markers.

A little bit about Eleni's . . . they are a nut-free and Kosher certified bakery creating irresistibly designed custom Conversation Cookies™ and other treats that are guaranteed to delight fans located around the world. Along with their HUGE collection of Valentine's Day Cookies, Eleni's also has cookies that are perfect for weddings, showers, bachelorette parties and anniversaries.

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