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Local Vendor Survey

Brenda's Wedding Blog - Quick Local Vendor Survey

Thank you for taking the time to answer my quick survey as I think about how best to share local wedding vendors with brides on my blog and via social media.

I'm always trying to think of something different and unique as I'm not one that wants my blog to look like all the others out there. My goal for 2015 is to have more of me on my blog and I plan to introduce more of my art and design background as the year goes on . . . including working on some fun illustrations for the bride and groom.

I've chatted with my hubby about a few ideas - but it's hard to know if I might actually be onto something or if the idea really stinks since he doesn't work in the wedding industry. So, here I am - asking you - the vendors that I would be working with {or already do work with}.

For those that might be wondering - I have over 31,000 followers on social media {twitter, pinterest, instagram, facebook, google+} and was named one of the top 25 wedding blogs last year from FlipKey.

I'm also a member of a select pinterest group of just 15 wedding bloggers and party planners from Bridal Guide Magazine that lets me pin imagery to another 28,000+ brides at anytime.

I know some vendors aren't totally fond of the "vendor guides". In particular because of the ever changing Google rules and the need for the links to be "nofollow" if it's a paid link and many bloggers not implementing this which can hurt your google ranking. So, . . . I have a few ideas that I've been playing around with and would love to gather your input on what you would like the most, since this would be created FOR YOU . . .

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Please check off the box{es} for the idea{s} that you would LOVE the most - then in the last box below, feel free to add your own thoughts or even a new idea that you would love to see on a wedding blog
Do you have more ideas or a new one that you would LOVE to possibly see . . . {please share below}