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Study Finds Luxury Hotels Have Become Much More Accessible For Couples and Honeymooners

Luxury Hotels Have Become More Accessible For Couples & Honeymooners

Evidence that travelers with smaller budgets can now afford luxury accommodations, booking data from Spire's parent company shows that the cost of four- and five-star hotels is down 14 percent when compared to four years ago. With this booking data top of mind, Spire, a luxury flash-sale travel site, set out to uncover the Psychology of the New Luxury Traveler in a survey of 2,215 respondents, giving insight into the planning habits, spending behaviors and hotel preferences of all types of luxury travelers.

Travelers who normally could not afford a four- or five-star hotel are now able to stay in luxury accommodations because of the lower hotel rates, Jennifer Gaines, Spire's senior travel editor, said.

Gaines added that travelers are paying $265 per night on average for luxury accommodations this year compared to $308 per night in 2007 but underlines that deals found on Spire are even lower than average. Flash sales offer travelers deep discounts and contribute to the wider audience of luxury travelers. Through the survey, we tap into this audience and explore the profile of the new luxury traveler to better understand what theyre looking for when they plan a vacation, she said.

When asked to describe their ideal vacation experiences, 52% of luxury travelers identify with the classic traveler, enjoying their favorite interests while staying at a trusted, upscale hotel. A notable percentage of travelers identify with the elite vacationist (19%), seeking authentic experiences and staying at an exclusive resort, while a comparable number call themselves luxe-adventurers (18%), pairing active pursuits with high-end accommodations. The other 11% identify most with the cosmopolitan traveler, preferring big city getaways paired with cultural activities and staying at a chic boutique hotel.

Other Survey Highlights Include:

* Where to go: 32% of luxury travelers say they think about what types of activities they want to do then go from there; and prime candidates for flash sales, nearly one-fourth wait until a great deal pops up to a destination they would enjoy.

* Social networking: Ironically, only 5% of luxury travelers ask their circle of friends, family or co-workers for suggestions when it comes to deciding where to go on vacation, but more than 17% turn to their personal network first for recommendations on a destination once they've already decided where to go.

* Popular reasoning: 36% say that they choose upscale accommodations because they enjoy the comforts of a high end property and 33% say they stay in luxury hotels to indulge and rewards themselves.

* Biggest splurges: 73% have continued to splurge on their hotel budget this year; once they arrive at their destinations, 38% splurge the most on dining out and 30% splurge the most on sightseeing.

* Most enticing perks: Travelers say they want guaranteed room upgrades (31%), free breakfast (21%), and resort credits (18%) in that order.

* Best room features: Aesthetics overtook creature comforts with 34% of luxury travelers desiring an amazing view over soft sheets and plush bedding (20%) or an incredible bathroom (20%).

* Most important hotel facility: 37% of travelers say it is beautiful grounds with alfresco dining options followed by a luxurious pool with cabanas (26%).

About Spire

Spire is a flash-sale travel site that offers unbeatable deals on luxury hotels worldwide, connecting its members to limited-time private sales that are at least 30% off the lowest price found anywhere else. Spire's Best Rate Guarantee backs the company¹s promise to deliver deep discounts and is the only guarantee in the flash-sale travel space. Available to registered members, Spire's featured hotels are individually evaluated on a number of standards to ensure each and every property meets the company¹s high standards of luxury. Spire is owned by Perfect Escapes, an online travel company that features only the best luxury hotels.


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