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The Premiere Destination Where Pristine Nature Creates the Ultimate Luxury

Nestled in the breathtakingly lush landscape of the ancient coral reef known as the Niagara Escarpment, award-winning property E’Terra presides over the diamantine waters of the Georgian Bay.  North America’s best-kept travel secret is the culmination of a focused vision to create luxurious accommodations that coexist in perfect harmony with the immaculate environment.

As a passionate conservationist, owner Laurie Adams originally conceived the idea as a luxury venue for corporate executives to stay and work - in no less than the most stunning, natural surroundings.  Gone are the days of uncomfortable nature resorts, as people are increasingly finding that pristine nature itself creates the ultimate luxury.  Fragrant cedar forests and massive rock formations set majestically against the calm, glistening water provide the perfect backdrop for sumptuous comfort in the privacy of an exclusive villa.

Along with corporate visitors, families, and couples, other discerning guests enjoy the untouched landscapes and luxuriate in holistic activities.  Adams and her team have successfully translated their philosophy into the delicate balance between indulgence and sustainability.  A variety of custom packages tailored for each client ensures a unique experience.  Pamper yourself with a wellness spa sojourn for total relaxation of the mind, body and soul.  Experience an epicurean getaway featuring local, organic ingredients, and fine wines to delight any gastronomic aficionado. Engage in an adventurous itinerary that includes in kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, boating, rock climbing, swimming and fishing.

At E’terra, luxury is a lifestyle of holistic ease for the enlightened traveler.  Guests are invited into any of the six well-appointed guests suites that boast lavish Porthault bedding complemented by sustainable furnishings by Statton Furniture and Harden & Pearson. Corporate clients enjoy the indoor and outdoor boardrooms as well as an expansive living room with fireplace seating for twenty.  Other fine facilities include a spacious dining room, peaceful Zen garden, and a seasonal saltwater pool reservoir cloaked by waterfalls.

Submerge yourself in the enchanting surroundings of E’terra cradled in the cusp of Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay, at the tip of the magnificently rugged Bruce Peninsula.