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Miraval® Tucson Invites Women for a Bachelorette Weekend

Relax and Reconnect with Your Friends before the Big Day
With wedding season upon us, women everywhere are looking to plan the perfect bachelorette party for their beloved bride-to-be. Miraval Resort in Tucson, the country's leading destination spa, is offering the opportunity to skip the anxiety filled trip to Vegas and instead indulge in three relaxing consecutive nights at Miraval Resort with the "Bachelorette" package. Whether you are a future bride hoping to unwind before the big day or a Maid of Honor looking to plan a lavish and healthful bachelorette getaway, Miraval is inviting women to visit the award-winning spa in Arizona and luxuriously prepare for upcoming nuptials. Preparation will include treatments to promote beaming skin, fitness and nutrition experts to support overall wellness, and group activities ranging from the Quantum Leap, which the bride will take with her future husband, to Passionate Lives: Learning how to Enhance Sexuality, a course fun for friends and certain to turn up the honeymoon heat.

Upon arrival, all members of the wedding party will receive a complimentary bathrobe perfect for relaxation, complete with embroidered titles such as Bride-to-be, Sister of the Bride, or Bridesmaid. Over the course of three days, guests will experience unlimited access to all of Miraval's signature scheduled activities and classes, and one complimentary spa service ranging from a stress reducing massage to a radiance enhancing facial.

Miraval offers an array of experiences like custom yoga and meditation, aimed to encourage connection and living in the moment, particularly essential for future brides. Additional spa services can be booked, for group or individual treatments. During their stay, guests will be treated to Miraval's premium healthful cuisine to ensure pre-wedding wellness. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to watch a cooking demonstration led by Miraval's distinguished chef Luethje so that bride and friends may learn to incorporate healthy food choices into their everyday lives.

The Bachelorette package can be made even more luxurious by having guests stay in the new sustainable guest rooms that Miraval has recently added to the resort. Comprised of fourteen standard rooms and two suites, guests may choose to stay together in luxury suites for some pre-nuptial bonding or sleep in separate accommodations. Miraval maintains its commitment to both growth and sustainability with these new guest rooms, each designed to be environmentally conscious. With expansive views of the Sonoran Desert framed by the Catalina Mountains, the new rooms are the perfect environment to unwind, relax and reconnect before all of the wedding excitement ensues.

Miraval's Bachelorette package starts at $399 per person/per night and is completely all inclusive: three gourmet meals daily, unlimited snacks, evening hors d'oeuvres, all non-alcoholic beverages and round-trip transportation from Tucson International Airport. Please contact Miraval's Guest Relations for information at 800-825-4000 or visit our website at

About Miraval
Miraval® is the innovator in living and feeling better. Created in 1996, Miraval's flagship resort in Tucson, Arizona has been consistently rated the #1 Destination Spa by SpaFinder Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Zagat Survey and Conde Nast Traveler. Miraval, a proponent of choice, offers over 150 uniquely vibrant programs and activities, all of which reflect Miraval's core philosophy of living life in the moment. The brand is expanding its reach through its network of prestigious specialists and its creation of fully integrated inspired living communities, beginning with the introduction Miraval Living, New York in 2007.

Revolution Living, launched by Steve Case in 2005, is Miraval's majority owner. Revolution seeks to drive transformative change by giving consumers more choice and control, thereby enabling everyone to live healthier, better lives.

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