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Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Pieces of Art with Eternal Wooden Roses

The closed bud roses from Eternal Wooden Roses offer an air of elegance. Each Rose Bud is an individual piece of art that is being created for your special occasion.

More sophisticated than a silk artificial flower, this bud is made with high quality birch wood and colored with nontoxic dye. To create a lifelike appeal, each bud has four green silk fabric leaves as well as an optional rose leaf attached to the stem. The stem is comprised of a metal wire, surrounded by paper and then floral tape to create the perfect stem. We also scent your rose bud with our own personal blend of rose fragrance that will leave your senses tingling by the aroma. All of our roses are eternal and will last as long as your love does.

Jeremy + Tabetha Share their Favorite Holiday Tradition with us . . .

We like reading the book "The tale of three trees". It's a great short story that teaches that you don't have to be "the best" to have something great happen.

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