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Handmade Holiday Card Swap 2013

 Handmade Holiday Card Swap 2013 on Brenda's Wedding Blog

So excited to kick off my 2nd annual Handmade Holiday Card Swap. Like last year, this card swap is a bit different as unlike some others out there, this one is open to both wedding vendors AND brides. I ask that you create/design your own cards - they can be completely handmade or self-designed on the computer {the ideas are endless . . . paint, glitter, washi tape, Photoshop, cut + paste, etc}. You will send one of your cards to each person on your list. So let's get started with the details/rules so you can start creating . . .

1. Simply complete the following form with your information by Monday November 18th at 10 pm est.

2. On or before Monday November 25th, I will email you with the names and addresses of at least 5 people but no more than 10 to send your cards to

3. I ask that you send your cards out by December 10th so they are received in time for the holidays and yes, this swap is open to international vendors and brides so extra postage will be required for those {but not much}

4. Keep an eye on your mailbox for those specially created handmade cards :)

5. Oh, and if you would like - I'd LOVE to receive a copy of your card as well {this isn't required though}.
If you choose to send a card along - here's my address:
Brenda's Wedding Blog
Brenda Bennett Maille
123 Saratoga Rd. #518
Glenville, NY 12302

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If you are a bride, please let me know your wedding date
If you are a bride, please let me know your wedding date
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Mailing Address
Please be sure to abbreviate your street address {ex. rd. - dr. - etc} as well as your State/Province. And, don't forget your country abbreviation too :)