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Free Confetti Stock Photography

 Download Free Confetti Stock Photography from Brenda's Wedding Blog

Sign Up below and receive free monthly backgrounds of festive confetti for use in your blog posts, on Instagram, even Facebook. You decide :) There's a space just for you to add in quotes, a sale, even a mock iPhone or iPad in the Free Confetti Stock Photography. You get to choose how best to use the styled stock image{s}. Credit back to me isn't required but I'd love a tag so I can see how you're using my images - free free to tag me at @weddingsites and #festivefetti for a possible regram.

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You're free to use the confetti stock images on your website, blog posts, newsletters, social media channels or as a product background for your shop promos. You can add or place in your message/imagery using Photoshop, Canva or any photo editing program. Please DO NOT share, lease, transfer, give or sell the confetti images to a third-party. Brenda's Wedding Blog retains the original photo and design copyright. Thank You.