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Custom Wedding Tapestries for Dessert Backdrops and Photo Booths

If you're looking for the perfect wedding tapestries to add a personalized touch to your wedding event, you will love these from Paperramma. In less than 10 seconds you can be adding a personalized statement piece to your event. Simply hang the tapestry and you're done.

This post contains referral links to PaperRamma - a member of the Planning Guide. This means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

These gorgeous woven wedding tapestries are ideal for your dessert table backdrop or even for photo booth backgrounds {just add some props and have fun posing for the camera}.

With each wedding tapestry, you can customize it with the newlyweds name, date and even your wedding colors or theme. Which tapesty design would you choose?

Dreamy Bridal Portrait Poses for Wedding Day Inspiration

If you’re looking for wedding day inspiration for bridal portraits and poses - you are going to love the lookbook photos from Fancy BOWtique Bridal Couture. These photos are filled with dreamy poses, beautiful hairstyles and luxurious handmade hair accessories. There’s even gorgeous bridal sashes with lots of bling and stunning bridal veils. Beautifully photography provided by La Candella Weddings with wedding gown by Cocoe Voci.

this post contains affiliate links

Are you ready to be inspired for your bridal portrait session?

Handmade Accessories: Fancy BOWtique Bridal Couture
Photography: La Candella Weddings
Hair: La Pomponnee Beauty Artisans
Makeup: Brazil Raine Makeup Artist
Gown: Cocoe Voci
Model: Claire Coulling

Top 6 Glamorous Bridal Accessories to Sparkle on Your Wedding Day
When it comes to your wedding day, I’m pretty certain you will want to sparkle. So, when you're looking to find the perfect glamorous bridal accessory to make the sparkle happen, it’s easy at With This Bling. You can choose one item or a special item from each of these 6 bridal accessories to add that “wow” sparkle into your day.

Which one will be your favorite{s}? Will it be Jewelry, Headpieces, Bridal Purses, Bridal Veils, Bouquet Jewelry, and/or Bridal Sashes?

1. Bridal Veils

Depending on your type of wedding - indoor, outdoor, formal or casual - you can find the perfect veil style. There’s the vintage birdcage wedding veil, classic shoulder and elbow length wedding veils, and even fingertip length veils.

2. Bridal Jewelry

The perfect amount of sparkle will complete any wedding day - and bridal jewelry is the perfect place for that sparkle. Depending on the amount of bling you want - you can go with a full tiara and jewelry set or maybe you simply select a few pieces of bridal jewelry. Consider adding just a necklace or fancy earrings if you prefer to go a bit more simple on your wedding day. You can even have your wedding day jewelry be the something new - maybe it’s Swarovski earrings, a rhinestone bracelet or a pearl necklace? {and don’t forget about the ladies in your bridal party - they might like a little “something new” gift for the big day as well}

3. Bridal Purses and Bags

Since there's bound to be a few things you will need nearby as you dance the night away at the reception, you will want something special to carry the essentials in. {your bridesmaids will too} A bridal evening bag is the perfect accessory choice to keep your belongings safe and to keep your “something old” secure.

4. Bridal Headpieces

If you prefer to top your wedding hairdo with something fancy - you will want to consider a bridal headpiece. If you’re planning a traditional wedding, you might choose both the tiara and veil or just a formal wedding tiara. If you’re a modern bride, you may opt for a simple headpiece or wedding hair flowers for that sparkle. Hair adornments include: Barrettes, Crowns, Hair Clips & Combs, Hair Pins, Hats, Headbands, Tiaras, and Twist Ins.

5. Bridal Sashes

Not only are bridal sashes gorgeous and full of sparkle - they can flatter your waistline even more dramatically than your wedding dress does. They’re a popular trend for both vintage and traditional brides - and you can find sashes and belts embellished with rhinestone beading, pearls or Swarovski crystals.

6. Bouquet Jewelry

One way to add the sparkle factor on your wedding day is to add sparkling crystals right in your wedding flowers with bouquet jewelry. You can choose from bouquet buckles and pins to attached to your wrapped bouquet. Or, you can add crystal floral jewelry directly into the centers of your bridal blooms.
The Girly Go Garter - the Smart + Fancy Garter with Pockets

This Girly Go Garter is such an amazing idea {starting at just $39}.
Imagine the following . . .

- celebrating the bride at her bachelorette party without your purse coming along
- dancing at your own wedding and never grabbing your clutch/purse to freshen up
- going on date nights or a girls night out without a purse

Despite leaving your purse behind, you can still bring your phone, cash, credit cards, ID, lip gloss and more! You're probably asking how this is possible, right? Well, the GirlyGoGarter® has GentleFlex™ Grippers to keep it on your leg and it also has pockets to safely hold the necessities. The garter securely holds up to 3 lbs, even while dancing.

In addition to the original GirlyGoGarter®, there is now the beaded GlitzyGoGarter® that will add some extra shine and glamour to your special outings. You can choose from hot pink, red, black and of course the Bridal Blue Wedding Collection Garter.

Top Wedding Trend {year after year} : Personalized Napkins
Personalized Napkins are among one of the top wedding trends year after year. With over 50 design styles to choose from and 20 colors, finding a custom napkin to compliment your wedding reception or cocktail hour at The Wedding Outlet is easy. Customized wedding napkins are an inexpensive way to add a splash of color and personalization to your special day. Guests will gush over the thought and detail to include them. Browse our selection of napkins to use at your wedding or next special event.