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Unique Wedding Cake {and Cupcake} Ideas Your Guests Will Love

When it comes to your wedding day, it's fun to spread cake {or edible goodness} into every moment of your wedding day. I'm thrilled to share these Wedding Cake Ideas from the blog's Pro Team Member Davina of Hallmark Events and Wedding Styling in London with you.

Here's some Unique Ideas to Spread Wedding Cake {or edible} Sweetness Into Your Wedding Day in a Way Your Guests Will Be Sure to Love

Suspended or Uniquely Stacked Wedding Cake

There's stacked wedding cakes and then there's STACKED wedding cakes in unique shapes. Like this stunning one from Elizabeths Cake Emporium in London. Isn't this fantastic with the hand-painted flowers?

Stacked Wedding Cake from Elizabeths Cake Emporium in London / from Top 5 Wedding Cake Ideas for your Big Day
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Personalized Cupcake Toppers

How fun is this idea? Present your guests their very own wedding dessert with a cupcake topped with a glittery name.

Cupcake Favor Boxes

Your guests will love being sent home with a sweet reminder of your wedding to enjoy either later or the next day {maybe for breakfast?}. These great cupcake favor boxes are the perfect choice to hold your wedding cupcakes in. You can choose from a rustic design, clear box style or a silver elegant box design. Which one will you choose?

Cupcake Favor Boxes - send your wedding guests home with a sweet surprise. Wedding Cupcakes for breakfast anyone?

Individual Wedding Cakes for each Table {or guest}

Why not surprise each guest with their very own mini cake at their place setting? You could even have one mini wedding cake as the table centerpiece that is just the right size to feed all at the table. And, think outside the box and go for something not expected. Maybe something with chocolate, frosting and fresh berries . . . like these Mini Double Chocolate Berry Cakes from The Kitchen McCabe

Mini Wedding Cakes - the unexpected treat for wedding guests | Mini Double Chocolate Berry Cakes from The Kitchen McCabe

I'd love to know which of the above is your favorite wedding cake or cupcake idea? Please let me know in the comments.

An Elegant Woodsy Themed Wedding with Naked Cakes

Today's elegant woodsy styled wedding with it's deep red theme is absolutely beautiful. And, those naked wedding cakes, especially the mini ones? YUM!!! I love the addition of the pine cones being used to bring the woodsy feel into the elegant dessert setting. The gorgeous photography is by Ashley Cook Photography.

Vendor Credits:
Photographer: Ashley Cook Photography
Floral Designer: Dream Design
Reception Venue: Grand Hollows
Cake Designer: Heavenly Delights Cupcakery
Makeup Artist: Makeup by Reina
Paper Props: Olive Juice & Co

Submitted via Two Bright Lights
Easily Dress Up Your Wedding Cake with One Large Flower

Many say that having fresh flowers on your wedding cake is a no no. So, I say, why not place an everlasting bloom on your wedding cake? And, why not make it one BIG flower? I'm loving these handmade single flower wedding cake toppers. Some are made with clay, others are sugar paste flowers and each will last indefinitely for a treasured keepsake. You may have even noticed that one of these blooms was the handmade wedding find of the week {graphic in the side banner column}. These flower cake toppers are also perfect for bridal showers too.

Shop These Flower Cake Toppers:
Clay Peony Flower Cake Topper from DK Designs
Purple Anemone Flower Cake Topper from Sweet Idea Flowers
----- ps: this one reminds me of the Chevron Purple Anemone Invitations I've designed
Clay Succulent Cake Topper from DK Designs
Handmade Air-Dry Clay Au Lait Dahlia Wedding Cake Topper from Meli Mari Studio
4 Amazing Wedding Cakes {Go Ahead & Enjoy} . . . Then Work Off the Sweet Calories with Crunch Live
I have come across some amazing wedding cakes recently while browsing pinterest and rather than just looking at the cakes at the next event you attend, you can actually enjoy them. How you ask? Well, there a great new at-home workout program that will get you moving around and working off those sweet calories in no time. It's called Crunch Live and it's under $10 a month for access to a huge selection of workouts for men and women {different levels and length of time}. I'll have more on Crunch Live in just a bit, first up - here's the cakes I've had my eye on lately . . .
Black and White Striped Wedding Cake with Brightly Colored Sugar Flowers | from | seen on {found via}

Black and White Striped Wedding Cake with Brightly Colored Sugar Flowers | from | seen on {found via}

Nautical Wedding Cake with Stripes and a Yellow Bow, Topped with an Anchor | from ~ photo by | seen on {found via}

Nautical Wedding Cake with Stripes and a Yellow Bow, Topped with an Anchor | from ~ photo by | seen on {found via}

A Berry Covered Wedding Cake | from | seen on

A Berry Covered Wedding Cake | from | seen on

Victorian Themed Wedding Cake with Lace and Beaded Garlands by ~ photo by | seen on {found via}

Victorian Themed Wedding Cake with Lace and Beaded Garlands by ~ photo by | seen on {found via}

Now, it's time to work off all those sweet calories :) If you don't have as much time to spend at the gym as you'd like, then you will love the online platform Crunch Live. I've recently had the privilege of checking the exercise videos from the first national gym brand to roll out a digital extension. And, I have to say . . . I LOVED IT!!!! I was so excited for my next workout to see which one I would choose next. PS: There's also a free trial :)
Crunch Live - at home workouts with real Crunch instructors - from quick 15 minute workouts to 60 minutes
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Cake Ideas for Bridal Showers

Because cakes shouldn't only be for weddings

The three things that guests remember most about any wedding are the bride, the flowers, and the cake. In fact, if there is one thing that stands out the most (besides the bride of course), it is probably the focal point of most weddings, the wedding cake. It's the centerpiece of any wedding and is crucial to the celebration because of the symbolism of cake cutting, the first thing that the bride and groom do together as husband and wife.

While the cake is the centerpiece of the wedding, cake can and should still be served at events leading up to the ceremony, especially at a bridal shower. Given that only 10% of grooms actually get to choose the wedding cake, as stated by Oz Cakes, the iconic dessert seemingly falls under the responsibility of the bride, and why should the bride have to wait until the wedding day to sample the cake?

Having cake at a bridal shower is something every bride should engage in. The cakes in question, tend to be less formal than the wedding cake itself, plus the bride (or whoever will be supplying the desserts) can take more creative liberties, which can follow similar ideas to the ones shown below:
Creative Bridal Shower Cakes
Although a tiered cake is typically saved for the wedding day, they work well as a teaser for the final masterpiece at the wedding. If you do decide to make a tiered cake for the shower, M&S Product Developer Ali Rodham gives a quick demonstration on how to stack your contemporary tiered cake. Below are tiered cakes that you could potentially have at your bridal shower:
Tiered Bridal Shower Cakes with Fancy Pearls and Flowers

As long as your bridal party cake doesn’t outshine the one that's due to be served at the wedding, brides should use this opportunity to celebrate their bridal shower with an array of different cakes whilst also showcasing their creativity. And obviously, use this gathering as the ideal opportunity to relax before the big day.